Descartes Aljex, the leading Transportation Management System (TMS) for freight brokers, received significant recognition in the G2 Grid Reports® for Fall 2023. The Descartes Aljex team takes immense pride in securing the top position in several categories, as acknowledged by the G2 reviews and the user community: 

  • #1 Overall Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Grid® Report | Fall 2023  
  • #1 Overall Results Index for Transportation Management Systems (TMS) 
  • #1 Overall Usability Index for Freight Management 

These accolades serve as a testament to our dedication to delivering a seamless experience for freight brokers and logistic service providers. Our approach, focused on automation and efficiency, has not only driven impressive user adoption rates but has also consistently yielded outstanding results within our industry. 

Descartes Aljex holds the prestigious title of the number one Transportation Management System (TMS) among 154 qualified listings, boasting an impressive 4.4 out of 5-star rating. 

Jesse Carmichael, Director of Product at Descartes Aljex, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Descartes Aljex’ accolades in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Report. He stated, “These ratings affirm that we are not only meeting but surpassing our customers’ expectations. We deeply value their feedback and the trust they place in our company. We remain committed to innovation and excellence, continuously striving to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.” 

Here’s what some users had to say about their experiences with Descartes Aljex: 

1. Business Process in Organized Manner 

“Doing business with Aljex makes the process faster and very convenient. By means of : (1) creating the initial load entry, (2) posting the load to the Loadboards (3) entering and changing new info, i.e., carrier info, making amendments, status and etc., (4) Load status updates automatically.” 

2. Great System 

“As a new Aljex user, one of my favorite things about Aljex is the integrated Macropoint that allows me to check on the load, its location, and Miles to finish all in one space.” 

3. Fast and Reliable 

“Aljex is very sophisticated when it comes to TMS. You have all the information at your fingertips. Also I love you can see who has made any changes on a order and what time the changes were made.” 

Other notable G2 ratings for the Descartes Aljex product include: 

Meets Requirements – 9.2/10 

Ease of Use – 9.1/10 

Ease of Setup – 8.6/10 

Ease of Doing Business With – 9.4/10 

Quality of Support – 9.0/10 

Ease of Admin – 8.6/10 

About Descartes Aljex:

Descartes Aljex is a scalable, cloud-based TMS that automates and streamlines daily operations for freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). It enhances efficiency in tasks such as order entry, lane rate comparison, load coverage, rate confirmation, carrier acceptance, dispatching, shipment tracking, and carrier communications. This cloud-based TMS empowers brokerages of all sizes to securely access freight and transportation management data as long as they have wireless connection.