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  • The purpose of this post is to notify users of the change in the behavior of blank data within the Common & Contract Authority fields when covering a shipment in Aljex. Contact with any questions regarding this change. Background In the carrier file, a user can identify that a carrier has common and contract authority by placing a Y […]

  • Due to the declining customer requests for faxing services and the increased demand for email and use desktop faxing applications, we will no longer be offering faxing services as a part of the Aljex system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and in our continuing efforts to offer you the most efficient and up-to-date communications services, we would […]

  • Recent updates to the Aljex Vision platform will enable users to Search, Add and Update Sales Reps from within the Vision interface. Users no longer need to access Aljex Classic to manage their Sales Reps. Please reference the end-user documentation HERE» Contact with any questions regarding this new feature.