Descartes Aljex™
TMS Packages

Descartes Aljex™ cloud-based TMS is built to scale and support freight brokerage firms regardless of size. From two to several hundred users and from small companies to enterprise operations, our unique pricing model is built on three base packages. 

Choose the plan that best fits your team’s needs:

Small brokerages looking to scale
  • Batch shipment updating
  • Limited integrations
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Basic carrier management
  • Advanced customer management
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Great for high growth organizations
  • Configurable shipment automation
  • Bolt on any integration
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Advanced carrier management
  • Advanced customer management
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Ideal for large organizations
  • EDI ready
  • Some integrations included
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Advanced customer & carrier management
  • Agent security
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Save With Scalable Solutions

Profit From Transparent User-Based Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your team’s needs and your company’s size.

Reduce Your Overhead Costs

No need for expensive hardware installations. Access our platform anywhere with an internet connection.

Scale as You Grow

As your freight brokerage expands, so does our platform’s potential for your business.

Find Your Match with LTL Shipping

  • Get instant rates from leading LTL carriers
  • Seamlessly execute LTL shipments and automate processes
  • Access an expanded network of carriers, partners, and integrations
  • View and track shipments with LTL visibility

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Want to learn more about pricing and services? Get in touch with our team of freight technology experts.

Transform with a Digital Broker Solution

Transform your business with a comprehensive digital brokerage solution and unlock benefits unattainable with traditional broker strategies.

Single System, Reliable Security

Increase security by storing data on secure servers with regular backups and reduce the number of systems that need to be backed up.

Lower Costs & Improved Growth

Run your brokerage more efficiently with cloud-based systems for more ROI and lower costs, resulting in up to 50% revenue growth.

Streamline Workflows

Improve your connectivity, break down data silos, and benefit your bottom line by connecting your business systems through the cloud.

Superior Decision Making

Make faster, more informed decisions with real-time data to reduce risk and improve overall business decisions.

ROI Calculator

Number of TMS users
1 1000
Avg. salary for TMS user
$0 $100,000
% of time covering loads
1% 100%
Avg. loads covered per day per user
1 30
Select the time period

What Can Improved TMS Productivity Do for You?

Automate manual processes to become more efficient

Annual cost savings in employee time
Annual labor hours saved
Additional loads covered
Reduction in freight spend

***This is not a statement of total product savings but an exercise in understanding the benefits of automated or highly efficient freight processing. It does not take into account savings in other areas, such as reduced carrier penalties and improved customer retention.

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