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Shipment Visibility

Don’t Miss a Thing With Real-Time Visibility

With real-time shipment tracking, you can now track, analyze and communicate the location of your in-transit loads and eliminate check calls.

Get Predictive ETAs

Keep track of your shipment’s arrival time with accurate and automatically calculated ETA predictions.

Optimize Your Carrier Network

Use actionable data and insights to make informed decisions and improve the performance of your carrier network.

Stay Ahead With Automated Monitoring

Get real-time alerts for at-risk loads to avoid penalties and disruptions.

Multiple Modes, Legs & Countries

Regardless of mode or complexity, our software covers all transport types and countries for full visibility.

Track Any Mode for Better Control and Monitoring

Gain full visibility of your shipments across multiple transportation modes, including full truckload, LTL, rail, ocean, air, and parcel.

Integrations That Make a Difference

Connect with more than 40 leading third-party programs and thousands of other companies to expand and grow your capabilities.

Join Thousands of Companies Already Using Descartes Aljex™

“When we were able to give our agents access to Descartes MacroPoint from within the Descartes Aljex system, it was a real gamechanger for us. The tracking piece is the best that I’ve ever seen and being able to have the tools at our fingertips to find capacity—without the need to search manually—has transformed our transportation operations.”

Dennis Martin

President & Chief Entrepreneur Officer, SEL

Product Features

Automate and manage transport requests by automatically entering orders. Increase the efficiency and speed of order processing while reducing the risk of errors and delays associated with manual data entry.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Automated Order Entry

Descartes Aljex EDI messaging allows for the timely, secure, and seamless exchange of important information and documents electronically with your customers. From bills of lading and load tenders to shipment status and invoicing, each document type is customized to fit the requirements of each trading partner.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility

Manage carriers from a single location and enable brokers and 3PLs to select and work with the carrier that best suits their needs. Reduce time spent on carrier portals and improve transparency and trust between all parties.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Carrier Management

Consolidate and display rates and lane data for TMS users. Organize all data in a single, easily accessible, and secure location.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Lane Pricing

Manage freight invoicing from a single dashboard and access detailed financial reporting.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Accounting

Save time and increase efficiency with the Analytics & Business Intelligence Dashboard, which helps you automate daily tasks and keep track of the entire transportation cycle.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Analytics

Make informed, confident carrier selection decisions by digitally matching open loads to the optimal carrier using a combination of availability, equipment type, and historical lane data.

Learn more Learn more about Shipment Visibility Capacity Sourcing

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