Capacity Sourcing

Get the Right Carrier for the Right Price

Find in-network carriers, source new carriers, and strategically cover open loads with a few clicks to book more loads per TMS user.

Book Loads Faster

Make informed, confident decisions when selecting carriers by digitally matching open loads

Limitless Carrier Network

Access a vast network of over 325,000 carriers, discover new relationships, and maintain existing ones.

Visualize Carrier Lane History

Identify the right carrier for each job by visualizing their resume with historical lane data from in-network and new carriers.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Margins

Improve your profit margins by booking carriers that best meet your needs.

Strategically Source Carriers Like Never Before

Book loads up to 15 times faster than traditional manual procurement. Get started today and visit our pricing page for more information.

Carrier Integrations

Connect with more carriers, companies, and freight technology through our partner ecosystem. Descartes Aljex™ is proud to partner with more than 40 leading freight technology and SaaS providers, all from a single location.

Join Thousands of Companies Already Using Descartes Aljex™

“We’ve also seen how the data-driven capacity matching capabilities of Descartes MacroPoint have helped other brokerages to cover increasingly larger load volumes and grow revenues in a volatile market—and we’re keen to realize similar benefits going forward, especially as we face the challenge of finding carrier capacity with specialized equipment such as for flat-bed service.”

Jan Jones

VP/General Manager, Freight Scouts

Product Features

Automate and manage transport requests by automatically entering orders. Increase the efficiency and speed of order processing while reducing the risk of errors and delays associated with manual data entry.

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Descartes Aljex EDI messaging allows for the timely, secure, and seamless exchange of important information and documents electronically with your customers. From bills of lading and load tenders to shipment status and invoicing, each document type is customized to fit the requirements of each trading partner.

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Manage carriers from a single location and enable brokers and 3PLs to select and work with the carrier that best suits their needs. Reduce time spent on carrier portals and improve transparency and trust between all parties.

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Consolidate and display rates and lane data for TMS users. Organize all data in a single, easily accessible, and secure location.

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Manage freight invoicing from a single dashboard and access detailed financial reporting.

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Save time and increase efficiency with the Analytics & Business Intelligence Dashboard, which helps you automate daily tasks and keep track of the entire transportation cycle.

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Implement real-time shipment tracking to learn the location and status updates of loads.

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Ready to Grow? 

Partner with the carriers you deserve. Talk to one of our representatives about our capacity sourcing platform and learn how to unlock your full growth potential.