Transform Your Business With a Digital Brokerage Platform

Switching to a digital freight brokerage technology opens up a world of benefits that cannot be achieved with traditional brokerage strategies. Descartes Aljex™ digital freight tools automate your manual processes, increase efficiency, and provide real-time visibility and data analytics. This, in turn, enables data-driven decisions that result in cost savings, improved customer service, and increased revenue.

Outperform the Competition with Unmatched Service Levels and Data-Driven Decision Making Through:

Benefits Built for the Future

Quick Time-to-Value

Implement cloud-based transportation management solutions within days of order completion for easy setup.

Continuous Monitoring

Improve exception management with around-the-clock monitoring of in-transit shipments to identify risk and reduce disruptions.

Lower Costs & Improved Growth

Run your brokerage more efficiently with cloud-based systems for more ROI and lower costs, resulting in up to 50% revenue growth.

Superior Decision Making

Make faster, more informed decisions with real-time data to reduce risk and improve overall business decisions.

Optimize Vendor Management

Streamline vendor management by connecting and communicating with your preferred carriers and service providers from a central location.

Reduce IT Overhead

Reduce extensive IT resources, hardware, and software investments with cloud-based TMS technology.

Single System, Reliable Security

Increase security by storing data on secure servers with regular backups and reduce the number of systems that need to be backed up.

More Streamlined Connectivity

Connect and integrate third-party applications for real-time collaboration and more efficient processes.

Join Thousands of Companies Already Using Descartes Aljex™

“To support our explosive growth, we needed a scalable, user-friendly TMS that was purpose-built as a brokerage solution. And by simplifying and streamlining our transportation workflows, gaining real-time visibility into every load, and booking loads faster with AI-driven capacity matching, technology helped us to grow revenue from $13M to $51M in one year!.”

Dennis Martin

President/Chief Entrepreneur Officer, SEL

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