Key Takeaways

  • Investing in quality software can streamline broker operations and save time by automating communication processes with carriers.
  • Choosing the right Transportation Management System (TMS) software is crucial for saving time, reducing hassle, and ensuring accurate documentation throughout the entire freight brokerage process.
  • A good TMS should have features that allow carriers to provide real-time updates on arrivals, departures, check calls, and shipment status, with the information seamlessly integrated into the TMS for efficient tracking and management.

Automating the Process for Freight Brokers

One of the most practical ways to streamline broker operations today is by investing in quality software. One of the challenges today is that freight brokers spend to much time directly communicating with carriers in order to move loads.

Whether it’s confirming rates, calling carriers, obtaining signatures, or updating critical information, these time consuming communications cost money because they require human intervention. TMS has been evolving for years and selecting the right one can be something that saves brokers a lot of time.

Choosing The Right TMS Software

Choosing the right TMS for your brokerage is critical for saving time, reducing hassle, and providing critical documentation of the entire process.

For example, the Descartes Aljex platform contains a module which streamlines the whole dispatch process, starting with an email from the broker to the carrier.

How does it work?

  • A carrier clicks a link and they are brought to a page which includes just enough information to accept the shipment, but none of the broker’s competitive information. The ARC email shows cities and states, but no details such as shipper name and street address.
  • The broker can require specific information from the carrier prior to signing, such as driver cell,
    ETA, truck and trailer number. Once the required info is submitted and e-signed, the carrier is presented with the full rate confirmation including, pickup and delivery addresses, reference numbers, and contacts.
  • At the same time, the dispatching broker receives an email verifying that the carrier has signed the rate confirmation, which is automatically uploaded into the TMS.

Focus On Capabilities And Features

Although there are many TMS packages on the market, a good TMS contains features that will allow the carrier to update brokers about arrivals, departures, check calls, and status updates on the shipment.

Information submitted by the carrier should be transferred into the dispatch screen in real time. Rather than worrying about getting out-automated, today’s TMS packages are worth their weight in gold and brokers should explore their options proactively.

Automatic Rate Confirmation Software is now available to all Descartes Aljex users.

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