In an exciting stride towards helping users optimize freight brokerage operations, Descartes Aljex™, a leading freight broker TMS, has announced the launch of an enhanced and complimentary integration with Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity. This strategic integration can enhance carrier sourcing by introducing automated capacity matching, streamlining offer processes, and boosting overall operational efficiency, all while remaining cost-free for users. 

How does the integration work? 

Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity (Free version) represents an easy to deploy integration that leverages historical carrier network data to intelligently match and rank carriers according to diverse criteria, including equipment type, lane experience, available trucks, and past performance. This technology can help users become more productive by significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual load matching and carrier selection. 

Mark your calendars for October 1st, 2023, as this groundbreaking integration becomes available to Descartes Aljex™ users. The logistics landscape is set for a transformation – be part of it! 

Key Features You Shouldn’t Overlook: 

  • Intelligent Carrier Matching: Bid farewell to manual carrier selection. Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity Matching intelligently matches and ranks carriers for open loads, considering critical factors like equipment type, lane experience, and historical performance. 
  • Historical Lane Data Insights: Make informed, data-driven decisions with access to insights into your carriers’ historical performance on specific lanes, eliminating guesswork from the equation. 
  • Access to Preferred Carrier Contacts: Say goodbye to outdated or inaccurate contact information. The integration provides access to FMCSA synced and carrier preferred contact data. 
  • In-App Load Offer Negotiation: Streamline your load offer negotiations within the platform, saving valuable time and ensuring smoother transactions for all parties involved. 

The Benefits Are Evident: 

  • Ideal-fit carrier suggestions: By selecting the best carrier for the job based on data, users will improve profitability and performance. 
  • Cost-Free Access: Descartes Aljex™ is offering this valuable integration at no additional cost to its users (and we are the only TMS to offer this). There are no hidden fees or cumbersome sign-up processes, just straightforward value. 
  • Knowledge Sharing: Foster a collaborative and informed environment within your team by leveraging historical data and insights, thereby eliminating carrier knowledge silos. 
  • Eliminating Cold Calls: No more endless phone calls and complex negotiations. Let the integration take the lead, simplifying the process and reducing manual intervention. 
  • Optimizing Carrier Utilization: Maximize operational efficiency by reducing reliance on single-use carriers and maximizing continuous moves, ultimately driving cost savings. 

How to Implement Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity (Free version): 

Adding Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity to your Descartes Aljex™ platform is a straightforward process: 

  1. Navigate to your template library. 
  1. Select the “form template” option. 
  1. Create a new template or update an existing one. 
  1. Incorporate the “MacroPoint Capacity” module. 
  1. Save and exit the template. 
  1. Refresh the shipment, and you’re all set to embark on a more efficient logistics journey. 

Unlocking Enhanced Value with Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity Pro: 

For those seeking advanced capabilities and premium features, consider upgrading to Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity Pro. This premium version provides access to: 

  • Extended Network: Gain access to the complete MacroPoint capacity network, comprising over 345,000 carriers, 2 million trucks, and historical data encompassing more than 1.1 million lanes. 
  • Auto Offer Capabilities: Simplify the offer process with automatic capabilities, further streamlining your operations. 
  • Advanced Visibility: Stay ahead of the curve with access to forward-looking capacity information available up to 72 hours in advance. 
  • Visual Insights: Access capacity heat maps and visualize carrier lane history for precise, data-centric decision-making. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to reshape your freight brokerage operations and embrace the future of logistics with Descartes Aljex™ and Descartes MacroPoint™ Capacity. We are committed to supporting your success in an ever-evolving industry. 

Stay tuned for more updates and industry insights from Descartes Aljex™.