Freight brokers and 3PLs have always been in pursuit of technologies that promise efficiency and strategic growth. But recent years have brought increased focus on technologies that deliver fraud protection and identity verification to prevent companies from cargo theft or double brokering.

Our recent integration with Highway, a leader in verifying carrier identity to reduce fraud and streamline the digital booking process, now offers a more streamlined carrier verification experience to Descartes Aljex™ TMS users. 

Here’s a look at how this integration brings the benefits of Highway directly to our transportation management system:

1. Streamlined Carrier Onboarding

In the vast and intricate maze of the freight brokerage industry, the process of carrier onboarding often becomes problematic. 

However, the Descartes Aljex integration with Highway isn’t just about adding carriers to a system; it’s about doing it swiftly, efficiently, and with minimal manual interference; syncing and updating verified carriers from Highway to your Descartes Aljex TMS every 5 minutes.  

The integration ensures a hassle-free onboarding process, reducing time, and administrative overhead. Carriers can now get integrated faster, ensuring that businesses can expand their carrier base without the constant challenges.

2. Empowering Customers with Digital Strategy

To stay ahead of the curve, the current transportation industry requires companies to leverage data, a robust digital strategy, automation, and smart solutions.

The Descartes Aljex and Highway integration taps into these solutions. By allowing customers to employ their digital strategy seamlessly, it gives them the tools and platform to plan a futuristic and scalable blueprint for their logistics operations. 

Whether it’s about data analytics, real-time monitoring, or strategic planning, this integration ensures that businesses have the best digital tools at their disposal.

3. Automated Carrier Monitoring with Continuous Updates

In an industry where things change by the second, staying up to date and adapting is a necessity. 

This integration is an indication of the importance for real-time monitoring. With the promise of continuous updates, businesses can benefit from automated carrier monitoring, ensuring that they are always in the know.

Whether it’s about carrier identity, fleet analytics, capacity, or getting insights, this integration ensures that businesses are never in the dark. Proactive management is key, especially when potential risks and disruptions can be identified and addressed before they become a serious problem.


The partnership between Descartes Aljex and Highway is more than just an integration; it is a double layer of security for your tech stack and your carrier network.

With features aimed at enhancing efficiency, reducing risk, and championing digital strategies, this integration provides relief for the freight brokerage inundated with new types of fraud every day.  Speak with one of our team members to learn more about the Descartes Aljex-Highway integration.