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Talking Logistics: Key Factors Shaping Transportation Management in 2024

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Learn from Mike Hane, Director of Product Marketing & TMS Product Management at Descartes and interviewer Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM. The two discuss key findings from Descartes’ 8th Annual Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey of over 630 shipper and logistics services provider (LSP) companies. The discussion addresses the top market forces and regulations expected to have the greatest impact on the transportation industry over the next few years, how companies view the role of technology as well as their strategies and plans for leveraging it to create business value, and how are companies are looking at CO2 and sustainability reporting initiatives.

Details covered include:

  • Learn about the key factors shaping transportation management in 2024.
  • Descartes conducts an annual benchmark survey of global transportation professionals to identify strategies, tactics, and technology approaches of top-performing organizations.
  • The report highlights that companies viewing transportation as a competitive weapon are more likely to invest in transportation management technologies and have higher growth expectations.
  • How visibility remains the top area for investment in transportation management technologies, followed by order management and fleet routing.