Descartes Insights – Success With Freight Tech – User First Mentality

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Learn from Jesse Carmichael, Senior Product Manager at Descartes, as he discusses the importance of ‘user-first mentality’ when it comes to freight tech. In today’s less robust market, buyers should consider the individuals using freight technology and focus on setting them up for success. A good user experience is crucial for productivity and addressing pain points. When it comes to TMS, providers need must focus on workflows, offering integration partners, and customizable user experiences.

Details covered include:

  • The idea of ‘user-first mentality’ and how it can lead to more success
  • Why improving user experience matters and helps eliminate pain points
  • Things to consider when evaluating/shopping for a TMS
  • Descartes Systems Group and their new third-generation TMS, Aljex Live