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Why Use Descartes Aljex Transportation Management Software? 

Descartes Aljex™ is a scalable, cloud-based solution that automates processes and provides an end-to-end solution for freight brokers & 3PLs.  

Logistics managers depend on Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to bridge the technology gap between order processing and delivering freight. With today’s just in time supply chains, it’s critical to select the best mode of transport and least-cost scenario. Freight brokers & 3PLs need a TMS to evaluate carrier procurement and automate outbound tenders to streamline execution. 

Aljex aids freight brokers improve the efficiency and output of their business plan by minimizing manual track and trace operations and increasing on-time delivery performance. Our transportation management software lets businesses refine the flow and capabilities of the supply chain, ultimately giving them increased control and simplified processes.  

  1. Increase freight shipments with less people 
  2. Automate and simplify daily tasks 
  3. Achieve operational excellence with data analytics

Enhance Decision Making & Business Operations 

With Descartes Aljex in place, it’s easy to improve planning and steer decision making by defining the most efficient transport options 

The solution improves carrier rate acceptance and dispatching success by factoring in user-specified parameters such as: 

  • Cost 
  • Lead-time 
  • Number of stops  

Follow-up tasks are then consolidated within the single intuitive platform to execute: 

  • Accounting  
  • Invoicing  
  • Reporting 

Users can reduce supply chain disruptions with automated communication and real-time, multimodal, multi-party shipment visibility. Users can make better lane pricing choices by accessing and comparing historical prices. Document management is streamlined with a tiered document imaging and storage. 

Integrated User Portal 

Our TMS logistics software was designed by brokers, for brokers.  Our dashboards and user portal are customizable and eliminate the needs for our customers to utilize multiple systems. 

Aljex dashboards provide up to the minute data and reports to help users make rapid decisions within a complex freight market. Utilize tool bars and filter options to help organize and arrange data that fits best. The dashboard-driven TMS hosts a sizable network of technology integrations to provide brokers with all the tools they need. 

What Does Our TMS Software Offer? 

Real-Time Multimodal Visibility 

Load status and delivery updates are crucial for customer service and the decision-making process. Thanks to our integration with Descartes MacroPoint, freight brokers can now benefit from in-transit data such as load status, delays, last know location, and ETA. 

Real-time transportation visibility data allows for brokers and 3PLs to forecast future shipments and make rapid business decisions with confidence. Brokers receive automated updates and alerts that result in fewer penalties and disruptions.  

Capacity Matching 

Finding capacity is a very time consuming and tedious task. Manually calling and selecting carriers becomes a pain staking process that results in increased costs, labor, and wasted time. 

Aljex’ data-driven capacity solutions eliminate manual tasks and old-fashioned load boards. Logistics service providers can utilize our technology to unlock access to an expanded carrier and partner network. From here brokers are able automate sourcing and book capacity. The result is increased leverage and efficiency.  

Security of the Cloud 

Cloud computing provides the flexibility and data security users need to review detailed analytics and data reports from anywhere, at any time. No matter where our users are located, our software never stops working. 

TMS Software Products 

Our logistics platform ensures that brokers have increased control over day-to-day shipments and function, as well as improved capabilities for LTL and truckload brokerage solutions. 

Freight Broker Software

    • Full-featured, versatile, and easy-to-use, our digital freight broker solution evaluates the least-cost and best fit scenarios for open loads to deliver a premium user experience. Define and match open loads based on several performance metrics that fit business needs to increase profit margins with less effort and labor.

LTL Solutions 

    • Aljex LTL software is designed to view, analyze, and tender LTL shipments for better logistical management. Our system allows brokers to complete more LTL shipments with fewer steps, an expanded network, and advanced visibility. 

TMS and the Future 

Descartes is committed to providing world class TMS software for brokers & 3PL’s that’s proven to drive results. For over 40 years, Descartes has enabled thousands of logistics-intensive businesses to push the boundaries of SAAS technology and deliver operational excellence. 

Providing future solutions and capabilities to our TM partners will continue to push Descartes Aljex further every single day. 

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Accounting Tools

Aljex accounting dashboard provides summaries and streamlined reports so users can quickly make informed decisions for their business.

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