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Getting Started –  New User Guides & Documentation:

New Company Setup Documentation

New User Setup Documentation

Aljex Setup Video Training

New User Setup Video Training


Vision Brokerage Trainings:

Aljex offers a number of online resources for your convenience. Please contact support with any questions about our online training.

 Accounts Payable

 Accounts Receivable

 Aljex Invoicing

 Add Available Truck

Automated Rate Confirmation (ARC)

Carrier Confirmation

Carrier File

Creating a New Shipment

Customer File

Customer Relationship Manager

 Dispatch Through Delivery

Email Directions

Event Management

Home Page Designer

Incident Management

Load History

Picks and Stops

Radius Search Tool

Rate Confirmation Text

Release a Shipment

Resending an Invoice

Quotes & Spots

Scanning and Uploading Documents

Setting up a Customer for E-Billing

Smart Search

Spot Loads

Tariffs & Autorating

Unlocking a Record

View Map Page

Voiding/Releasing Multiple Shipments


Training Documentation:

QuickPay In the IDP

Last Shipment Location

 LTL/Logistics API Accessorial Codes

  Multiple Spot Loads & Multiple Repeat Loads

  Revenue Types

  ScoopMonkey Webinar

  Sertifi eSignatures Integrated into Aljex Software

  Setting Up a New Agent-Office

  Setting Up and Paying Drivers (Weekly Driver Pay Program)

  Setting Up Sales Reps and Commissions


Vision Trucking Trainings:

Dispatch Through Delivery

Entering a New Shipment in Trucking

How to Add a New Driver

How to Add a Driver to a Load

Overview of the Truck File



LTL/Logisitics Trainings:

  Adding a Carrier

  Adding a Profile

  Adding Markup Charges

  Creating an Accessorial Charge

 Entering a New Customer


Classic Training:

  A Detailed Overview of the Invoice File and Transportation Summary


  Add a User

  Adding a New Carrier

  Adding a New Customer to the Customer File

  Adding/Editing Equipment Types for Shipments

  Adding or Searching for a Zip Code

 Auto Accessorials

 Basic Dispatch Training

  Beginner Invoice Training

  Burst Info, Loads, and Requests to Carriers

  Bursting to Carriers for Insurance Information

  Carrier Advances Administration

  Carrier File Overview

  Data Logging

  Dispatch Reports

  Document Imaging

 Editing Equipment Types for Shipments

  Employee Profile Overview

  Equipment Types

  FSC Setup

  Great Sales & Customer Service Telemarketing/CRM Feature

  Helpful Forms and Functions in the Customer File from Accounting

  Hot Keys Volume 1

  Hot Keys Volume 2

  How to add an Invoice with Carrier Charges

  How to Process a Carrier’s Pay

  How to Receive Payments from your Customers

  How to Setup Special Commissions

 Manually Creating a Purchase Journal

  New Smart Search Features

  New Web Version of the Employee/Users File



 Printing 1099’s/using 1099 Pro

   Processing a Credit or Debit for a Posted Invoice

 Resending an Invoice

  Reviewing Hooks, Notes on Checks, and Billing Discrepancies/Short Pays

  Sales & Activity Report

  Sending a Balance Due Statement to your Customer

  Setup a Sales Rep/Agent and their Default Commission Structure

 Setting up a Customer for E-billing

  Setting up a New Accessorial Charge

 Setting up an Accessorial

  Setting up Deductions for Carrier Pay

  Setting up Factoring Companies

  Setting up Tariffs

  Text on Forms

  The Big Export Report

 TinyTERM Webinar

  Trusted Carriers

  Turn a Quote into a Tag

  2 Hot Tips!

Latest New Features & Announcements:

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User Guides:


 Home Page Highlighting End User Documentation – (9/17/2019)

Quickbooks Integration Guide (09/03/2020)

My Carrier Packets Integration Guide (06/29/2018)

New ARC Process and Flow for Carriers! (3/20/2018)

Add Carrier with My Carrier Packets (3/16/2018)

Minimum Line Haul Charge Over Ride – (3/15/2018)

Factor Portal V2 –  (3/01/2018)

Vision Accessorial Menu (2/28/2018)

Vision Factor File (2/28/2018)

Vision Quick Pay Menu – (2/28/2018)

 FSMA Guide – (9/26/2017)

 Auto Rate Confirmation (ARC) – (10/19/17)

  SaferWatch Guide   – (9/15/2017)

 Set Required Fields   – (8/15/2017)

 Acts Payable Guide – (7/15/2017)

 Inbound Doc Portal Notes Tab – (6/15/2017)


Aljex Support:

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 Clearing your Browsers Cache

  Pinging a Server