With the global economy staggered by recent events, the world’s supply chain has been repeatedly hit with new challenges. Logistics professionals are dealing with more data silos and customer complexities than ever before. This makes tasks like sourcing capacity, tracking shipments, and managing rates difficult for freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and their customers alike.

Transportation management technology is essential to addressing these challenges and remaining competitive in 2022 and beyond. Identifying the right tech that is proven to enhance freight operations, increase capabilities, and ultimately improve customer experience, will be key for a digital transformation.

To help our customers make the most of their investments and provide insights specific to the Descartes Aljex™ TMS platform, we will be hosting a Transportation Management Innovation Forum on May 17th and 18th.

What will be discussed?

  • State of the transportation industry in 2022
  • Current industry challenges and best practices
  • Overviews for specific Descartes solutions for both shippers and 3PL’s
  • Importance of transportation management solutions
  • New product release functionality and future roadmaps

With 14 total sessions from top industry experts, Descartes is proud to provide viewpoints and discussions from both company insiders, customers, and industry partners.

Click the link below for the full schedule, details, and registration for panels.

Innovation Forum for Transportation Management

We hope to see you there!