Descartes Aljex™, the premier transportation management system (TMS) for freight brokers, has garnered notable results in the G2 Grid Reports® for Winter 2024. The team at Descartes Aljex is proud to have secured top rankings in several categories, as endorsed by G2 reviews and the user community: 

  • #1 Overall Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Grid® Report | Winter 2024 
  • Best Results Badge Freight Management | Winter 2024 
  • Momentum Leader Badge Transportation Management Systems (TMS) | Winter 2024 
  • Leader Badge Transportation Management Systems (TMS) & Freight Management | Winter 2024 

These honors reflect the team at Descartes Aljex’ commitment to providing a smooth and efficient experience for freight brokers, their customers, and carriers. Our focus on automation and operational efficiency has not only led to high rates of user adoption rates but also consistently exceptional performance within our industry. 

In a pool of 178 qualified listings, Descartes Aljex proudly stands as the foremost Transportation Management System (TMS), boasting a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. 

Jesse Carmichael, Director of Product Management at Descartes Aljex, shared his excitement about the company’s recognition in the G2 Winter 2024 Grid Report. 

These ratings reaffirm our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Their feedback and trust are invaluable to us. We are dedicated to continuous innovation and excellence, always aiming to fulfill and surpass our customers’ needs.

Here’s what users have to say about their experiences with Descartes Aljex: 

1. Industry Wide Collaboration and Coordination 

“Business process with Aljex is making the streamline easy, fast and very effective. (1) Aljex is healping millions of stakeholders sustain effectivity in doing business specially in this fast this world of technological advancement. (2) Aljex integrates other paltform i.e., truckstop and DAT that makes it a lot easier for monitoring progress, realtime updates and etc. (3) Alejx is very user friendly and on a rate of 1-10 Aljex nearly would be nearly zero for system issue.” 

2. Great Platform Overall 

“The most helpful thing about Aljex is that there are many features you can use to filter results so you get exactly what you were searching for. I like the way the load board looks and it is easy to filter status, mode, by sales rep, and you can customize the load board to look how you want it.” 

3. It Is By Far My Favorite TMS System Ever

I absolutely love how user friendly it is. It literally blows all the other TMS as since I’ve used ad of the water. I love that when you go to build a load, everything is right there on one page. It’s very easy to read and easy to figure out even if you’re a new user. I love this TMS system and will never use another one.

Additional notable G2 ratings for the Descartes Aljex product include: 

Meets Requirements – 9.0/10 

Ease of Use – 8.9/10 

Ease of Setup – 7.9/10 

Ease of Doing Business With – 9.0/10 

Quality of Support – 8.8/10 

Ease of Admin – 7.9/10 

About Descartes Aljex: 

Descartes Aljex is a versatile, cloud-based TMS designed to automate and optimize daily operations for freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). It significantly enhances efficiency in tasks such as order entry, lane rate comparison, load coverage, rate confirmation, carrier acceptance, dispatching, shipment tracking, and carrier communications. Our cloud-based TMS enables brokerages of all sizes to securely manage their freight and transportation data from anywhere with a wireless connection.