Major supply chain disruptions are presenting unprecedented challenges for the transportation and logistics industry.

Securing capacity is increasingly difficult for our freight brokerage customers and traditional methods for finding available transport can’t keep up with demand.

With the integration of Descartes Aljex™ and Descartes MacroPoint™ solutions, we can help you develop new and strengthen existing carrier relationships using capacity matching tools that leverage a network of over 2 million historic load records used for predictive analytics.  Here’s how:

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based capacity matching

With this AI-based tool, you’ll receive the best ranked carriers based on historic data and trucks delivering in the areas you need. With a ranked list of carrier matches, you can make a more targeted outreach and cover loads in a fraction of the usual time.

Market visualization

See capacity both in and out of your carrier network to map open loads. Learn more about market conditions to determine which loads may be tough to cover, and quickly identify loads that represent the best matches.

Knowing carriers’ historical lane performance enables you to select the right carrier, thereby building stronger relationships and securing the best rates.

Capacity Network

Join an opt-in network where freight brokers can selectively choose to share carrier data in a secure way and gain significantly more access to capacity in return.

This is a superior alternative to private portals with limited participation and traditional load boards that contain outdated and unverified data, making it difficult to find reputable carriers and limit service risks.

Due to increased volatility in the freight market, relying on your own data and networks may no longer be sufficient.  We can help you navigate the severe capacity crunch with our integrated Truck Capacity solution that provides verifiable capacity information and market data.

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