Cover Loads up to 15x Faster

Finding the best-ranked carriers with available capacity just became easier for freight brokers with the integration of Descartes Aljex and the Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Sourcing solution.

The integrated solution literally puts an AI-based capacity matching tool at your fingertips. The tool, which leverages a network of more than 3 million historic load records, uses the data to provide a list of the best ranked carriers with trucks delivering in the locations you need.

Gaining quick access to verifiable capacity information and market data is critical in today’s volatile market. With our integrated capacity matching tool, now you can:

  • View overall market capacity, both in and out of your carrier network
  • Gain more information about market conditions
  • Strategically source new carriers
  • Automatically match loads to open capacity
  • Book profitable loads quicker

User-Friendly Capacity Matching

Performing a capacity matching search is easy with the MacroPoint Capacity tool. After selecting a load on the Descartes Aljex home page and arriving at the dispatch page, you simply click on the Smart Search button, select the MacroPoint Capacity check box and click Search.

You’ll receive a ranked list of carriers with available assets from the MacroPoint Capacity Network, an opt-in network where freight brokers can selectively choose to share unused capacity in a secure way. This ranked listing targets your search to help you map and cover loads much faster.

Figure 1: Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Integration

Carrier Performance Information

MacroPoint Capacity also provides additional information including the average rate per mile you’ve paid a carrier, plus how often a carrier has picked up and delivered from the origin and destination or run the reverse lane.

Knowing the historical lane performance of carriers enables you to select the right carrier for each load. A better match results in better performance, increased predictability, stronger carrier relationships and improved margins.

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