New and Improved Carrier Portal

New and Improved Carrier Portal

Heads up – Aljex has a new Carrier Portal!

Included in this update are some serious time and money saving features.   Check out the flow below:

Carriers can now bid on your loads directly from the carrier portal!  Not only can your carriers bid on and accept your loads, but they can do it 24/7 via the carrier portal.


Carriers are able to see all available loads as pins on a map! They can also view in list form where they can click to bid on loads, or even accept a load.


After a load has been covered, carriers can now update the status of their shipments directly from the carrier portal.  No need for them to call your office and tie up your dispatchers – any changes made will automatically update your Aljex freight brokerage TMS.


Once the driver is in transit they can return to the carrier portal to provide status updates and check call updates, AKA self-dispatch.


Once a load is delivered, carriers can select their own invoicing options, including any QuickPay options you have setup.


After the load has delivered the carrier is able to return to the portal to select their own invoicing options, AKA self-invoicing.


The theme here is clearly automation.  The more little things you can automate, the more free time you have to focus on things that truly require human attention.  Carriers are becoming more and more receptive to this technology, so get ahead of the game with Aljex’s new carrier portal!


There will be no additional fees to enjoy this feature.  Keep an eye out for this automatic update – coming soon!