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What Is LTL Freight?

LTL stands for ‘Less Than Load’. When a broker requires to ship a smaller amount of goods (i.e. just a pallet) and not a full truckload, they turn to LTL freight.

Brokers and 3PL’s who choose LTL are only reserving a smaller section of a freight trailer. Thus, they are only required to pay for that smaller portion, allowing them to save on the costs that come with booking a full truckload. The remaining volume of the trailer will be paid by other LTL brokers who occupy it.

Since ‘Less Than Load’ is separate to full truckload shipments, brokers need a solution to source LTL capacity and attain the carriers who fulfill it.

Why LTL Freight Brokers Should Use Descartes Aljex

Descartes Aljex does more for LTL freight, allowing LTL brokers to view, analyze, and tender shipments to ensure a safer and simpler process.  

Our software eliminates the hassle and allows users to get back to running their businesses while providing brokers and 3PL’s with time and cost related value.

Fewer Shipment Steps

As LTL shipments become increasingly popular in the freight industry, tracking, finding carriers, and refining the supply chain has never been more important. LTL shipments can be complex and time consuming. Brokers struggle to connect with the right software and solutions, which is where Aljex has come in to simplify the process. 

  1. Manage LTL freight with the other truck loads 
  2. Automate manual LTL carrier sourcing tasks 
  3. Streamlined processing with fewer steps to cover LTL shipments 

By integrating all data into one system, Aljex eliminates the need for users to utilize multiple systems. Our LTL software is highly efficient for finding carriers, covering loads, and delivering freight.

Data we include: 

  • Full Overview of LTL Carriers 
  • Performance reporting 
  • Cost/price per pallet 
  • Carrier insights 

Aljex LTL trucking software creates an easier decision making process, users only needing to select the best carrier for their shipment based on our least cost routing algorithm.  

Aljex also gives users priority options for hot loads and tight delivery windows. Choose different carriers at better rates or select faster transit times. The choice comes down to preference and what best fits a LTL brokers cost-driven needs. 

After a shipment’s been confirmed and processed, those integrated with Descartes MacroPoint will receive in-transit event updates and an ETA for user convenience. The result is reduced manual tasks through an automated order process – create a load and tender it (supply load to the carrier). 

Expanded Network

At Descartes, we understand the complexity of a global supply chain network. That’s why we’ve designed specific software solutions aiding LTL brokers throughout North America. 

With API and EDI integration to over 50 leading LTL carriers, brokers will have instant access to pricing to easily confirm the best shipment. Receive a full network of data including rates, ETA’s, routes, and so much more. Aljex has also integrated privacy and security functionality directly into our software to ensure 24/7 protection of user data, shipments, and information. 

Steps Ahead of the Competition: Advanced LTL Visibility

Powered by our Descartes Macropoint Integration, users get a better understanding of their LTL freight location with regular in-transit updates and a scheduled delivery time. Boost profit margins by ultimately reducing manual check calls and fees caused by late shipments.  

Built by the Community

Aljex is also proud that our software is constantly updated based on customer feedback from over 10,000 active users.  Our ‘crowd improving’ technology takes input and comments from users/brokers to improve LTL trucking software for future use. 

Who Does Aljex Serve?

Aljex was designed by brokers, for brokers. We considered all aspects of LTL shipping software – a common yet underrated tool for shippers, brokers, and carriers alike.  

We serve all sizes and ranges of freight brokers: 

  • Billion-dollar brokerages with hundreds of employees
  • Small brokerages with 5 employees
  • Specialized freight services
    • Refrigerated 
    • Flatbed 
    • Bulk 

By choosing Aljex LTL software, brokers are greeted with powerful data, actionable analytics, and built-in custom reports to continue planning and forecast future shipments. Our LTL solutions along with the data has been shown to increase LTL shipment productivity by 20-40%. 

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