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Say goodbye to manual brokerage strategies and revolutionize your operations by automating daily tasks, delivering actionable data insights, and embracing the transformative capabilities of the Descartes Aljex™ digital freight brokerage platform.

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How Aljex Makes a Difference

Lower Costs & Improved Growth

Maximize the operational efficiency of your brokerage by harnessing the potential of cloud-based systems, leading to increased return on investment (ROI) and reduced costs, that can drive up to 50% revenue growth for your business.

Improved Decision Making Through Data

Leverage the power of real-time data to make faster, well-informed decisions, thereby reducing risk and enhancing overall business decisions.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Harness the potential of analytics and business intelligence dashboard tools to streamline your daily tasks and achieve comprehensive visibility across the entire transportation cycle.

A True Digital Brokerage Platform

Utilize premium digital freight tools help efficiently manage operations through the platform’s user-friendly interface and enhanced capabilities & features.

Single System, Reliable Security

Increase security by storing data, documents, and information on secure servers with regular backups and reduce the number of systems that need to be backed up.

More Streamlined Connectivity

Enable seamless integration and connectivity with third-party applications for real-time collaboration, extended capabilities, and streamline processes for enhanced efficiency.

Increase User Productivity by 25%

By automating various manual and time-consuming tasks such as order management, carrier procurement, load planning, and freight tracking, Descartes Aljex TMS streamlines operations, saves valuable time and greatly increases user output.

Product Features

Automate and manage transport requests by automatically entering orders. Increase the efficiency and speed of order processing while reducing the risk of errors and delays associated with manual data entry.

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Descartes Aljex EDI messaging allows for the timely, secure, and seamless exchange of important information and documents electronically with your customers. From bills of lading and load tenders to shipment status and invoicing, each document type is customized to fit the requirements of each trading partner.

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Manage carriers from a single location and enable brokers and 3PLs to select and work with the carrier that best suits their needs. Reduce time spent on carrier portals and improve transparency and trust between all parties.

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Consolidate and display rates and lane data for TMS users. Organize all data in a single, easily accessible, and secure location.

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Manage freight invoicing from a single dashboard and access detailed financial reporting.

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Save time and increase efficiency with the Analytics & Business Intelligence Dashboard, which helps you automate daily tasks and keep track of the entire transportation cycle.

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Implement real-time shipment tracking to learn the location and status updates of loads.

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Make informed, confident carrier selection decisions by digitally matching open loads to the optimal carrier using a combination of availability, equipment type, and historical lane data.

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“With Descartes’ enhanced data insights and business intelligence, we saved an additional 5%-10% in freight costs thanks to data-driven decision making. Plus, by employing a state-of-the-art TMS, we witnessed a 10% decrease in staff departures, as well as improved our carrier relations.”

Dennis Martin

President/Chief Entrepreneur Officer, SEL

More from our clients

Aljex is one of the most user-friendly TMS on the market. From load construction and being able to easily save shippers and receivers to CRM integration and customer database, Aljex covers it all in an easy-to-use fashion.

Good layout and easy to navigate. It is an amazing tool for any company that is aiming to grow and provide excellent customer service.

Aljex gets the job done. Very powerful tool and done in a straightforward manner. One page view to cut RC’s. Numerous other options available from customer history, accounting, etc.

The Smart Searches are my favorite and most used feature. It has been a lifesaver to use and find a truck fast for a hot load.

Excellent brokering software. I appreciate how easy it is to add information that is already in the system. Many times I don’t have to do shipments completely over. Majority of the information is already in the system.

Aljex is a very useful resource for looking up carriers and sending rate con. It’s really easy to find pro numbers when trying to build new rate cons.

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