What is MyCarrierPortal?

MyCarrierPortal employs advanced technologies to establish and validate carrier identities. We understand the critical importance of partnering with reliable carriers, and our solutions are designed to instill confidence by ensuring the authenticity of every entity within your network.

Key Capabilities of MyCarrierPortal

Carrier Identity and Vetting

Efficient verification processes to ensure carrier legitimacy

Carrier Onboarding

In-depth risk assessments to enhance carrier reliability

Ongoing Insurance Monitoring

Real-time updates on insurance status across carrier networks

Incident Reporting

Streamlined mechanisms for reporting and addressing fraud

VIN Validation

Advanced checks to verify vehicle authenticity effectively

Benefits for Aljex Users

TMS-Linked Onboarding: Simplify the onboarding process by sending a link directly from the TMS to the carrier inviting them to onboard.

Freight Profile Sync: Pull in COIs and packet information directly to carrier profile

COI Expiry Alert: Automatically detect an upcoming expiration date from the imported COI

Unified Freight Tech Solutions

The MyCarrierPortal-Aljex integration fortifies your operations with advanced fraud protection and state-of-the-art algorithms, allowing you to focus on core activities. Our proactive insurance monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates risks by tracking real-time changes in your carrier network. Additionally, streamline your carrier onboarding process; our system simplifies integration, enhances efficiency, and reduces downtime for smoother operations.

Why Integrate with MyCarrierPortal

Reduce Onboarding Friction

Mitigate risk and fraud by implementing robust verification systems and continuous monitoring. Employ security protocols to identify suspicious patterns and prevent fraudulent activities before they impact your operations.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Streamline tedious onboarding processes; 97% of the time, MCP will already have the existing COI on file. If not, we contact the agency directly.

Fraud Prevention

Create multiple risk assessments to automatically flag potential threats, enhancing your operational security. Assess various risk factors and provide timely alerts, helping you preemptively address and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within your carrier network.

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