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What is Moneiva?

In today’s fast-paced supply chain industry, nearly all executives and companies still manage freight accessorial processes manually over email and phone. Moneiva revolutionizes this approach by automating the visibility, pre-approval, management, analytics, and TMS updates related to freight accessorials. By connecting carriers, brokers, shippers, and factoring companies in a real-time information and payments exchange, Moneiva significantly reduces the handling of exception processes by more than 30% and increases profits by 15%. Experience a seamless and efficient approach to freight management with Moneiva.

Key Capabilities of Moneiva

Real-time Notifications

Updates for brokers, shippers, and factoring companies

Automated Forwarding

Seamless transmission of accessorial charges, powered by an advanced workflow rules engine

Accessorial Management

Utilize voice assistant to eliminate non-revenue calls for brokers


Gain comprehensive insights into accessorial charges

Multichannel Communication

Support all team members in various stages of work

Benefits for Aljex Users

Streamlined Process: Automatic system updates upon accessorial approvals

Invoice Exception: Eliminate invoice exceptions and processing stemming from accessorial discrepancies

Automated Workflow Integration: Remove the need for internal handoff through automated accessorial handling workflows

Unified Freight Tech Solutions

The Moneiva-Aljex integration revolutionizes accessorial charge management in the supply chain industry. Automating visibility, pre-approval, management, and analytics, this integration connects carriers, brokers, shippers, and factoring companies in real-time. It reduces exception handling by over 30% and boosts profits by 15%. With accurate invoicing, advanced analytics, and automated workflows, the Moneiva-Aljex integration eliminates surprises, accelerates payments, and allows operations staff to focus on driving sales.

Why Integrate with Moneiva?

Cut Costs

Stay informed and in control of your costs with detailed and accurate billing information, eliminating unexpected expenses and fostering better financial planning.

Increase Productivity

Operations staff can focus on sales rather than spending time on invoice dispute resolutions, allowing them to drive business growth and enhance customer relationships.

Improve Cashflow

By eliminating errors and discrepancies, you can accelerate the payment process, improving cash flow and enhancing customer satisfaction with reliable and efficient transactions.

Get Started Today

Experience the enhanced benefits of the Aljex + Moneiva integration and improve your carrier experience today.