What is Descartes MacroPoint?

Descartes MacroPoint is a freight visibility platform specifically designed for the logistics and transportation industry. The solution serves freight brokers, shippers, and carries in a broad range of industries that rely on efficient and timely transportation of goods. By offering detailed insights into shipment locations, estimated arrival times, and other logistics details, Descartes MacroPoint helps these businesses optimize their supply chain operations, reduce delays, and improve overall efficiency in their transportation processes.

Key Capabilities of Descartes MacroPoint

Real-Time Visibility

Track the location of their shipments in real-time, providing updates on the movement of goods across the supply chain with up-to-the-minute information

Advanced Analytics

Get high quality data and insights to analyze transportation data, helping businesses understand their shipping patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Receive automatic updates and notifications about tracked shipments, including alerts for delays, issues, or disruptions

Carrier Connectivity

Connect with a 500k+ in-network carriers, enabling seamless communication and coordination

Capacity Sourcing

Automatically identify and match the ideal-fit carrier based on available capacity and historical lane data from inside or outside of your partner network.

Benefits for Aljex Users

Eliminate manual check calls

Automate tracking session creation

Instantly view tracking session detail on a map

Easily share tracking sessions with customers or stakeholders

Display key location data in easy to access panel for users

Achieve the single pane view

Unified Descartes Solutions

The integration of Descartes MacroPoint and Aljex is not just an integration, but a combination of two unique and leading solutions under the umbrella of their parent company, Descartes. This powerful connection enhances efficiency and visibility across the board, making complex supply chain tasks simpler and more manageable, at a better rate than other integrations.

Why Integrate with Descartes MacroPoint

Streamlined Communication

The integration facilitates seamless communication between carriers, shippers, and logistics service providers. Aljex users can easily share and receive vital transportation updates within a single platform.

Cost Savings

Aljex users can automate numerous tasks related to shipment tracking and communication, resulting in significant time savings and operational cost reductions.

Improved Customer Service

With accurate and up-to-the-minute tracking information at their fingertips, Aljex users can provide their clients with timely updates and respond quickly to any inquiries or issues.

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