What is Highway?

Highway provides freight brokers with technology focused on Carrier IdentityTM that empowers them to find the right carrier for each load, quickly and securely, helping to automate compliance thereby strengthening their network. Highway empowers brokers with the data and technology needed to deliver exceptional and secure service, so your business can grow and reach its peak potential.

Key Capabilities of Highway

Carrier Identity Engine

Trusted, seamless, and secure carrier authentication

Fraud Alerts

Broker-provided fraud-focused alerts on carrier profile

Equipment Verification

Instant visibility into 90% of all carrier-verified fleets

Load Level Security

Reduced broker surface area to prevent fraud at a load level

Benefits for Aljex Users

Dynamic Classifications: Categorize carriers based on various criteria, ensuring a more tailored operation

Rapid Onboarding: Significantly reduce wait times and streamline the integration process into existing workflows

Real-time TMS Integration: Ensure seamless data flow and enhances the decision-making process

Unified Freight Tech Solutions

The Highway-Aljex integration is a combination of two unique and leading solutions designed to enhance security for TMS users. This connection enables enhanced verification and selection of carriers, ensuring users can swiftly and securely match each load with the right carrier, streamlining compliance processes and reinforcing their transportation network.

Why Integrate with Highway

Reduce Onboarding Friction

Facilitate a smoother transition for new employees and partners into the logistics workflow. This streamlined approach to onboarding accelerates the learning curve, enabling new users to become proficient with the platform’s features and processes more quickly.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Aljex users can greatly increase workflow efficiency, streamlining processes such as order management, dispatching, and billing. This optimization of operations leads to significant reductions in time and resources spent on routine tasks.

Fraud Prevention

By implementing robust systems, users can significantly enhance security measures, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities such as cargo theft, invoice fraud, and false claims.

Get Started Today

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