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With over 23 years of experience, our software was built by brokers, for freight brokers.

What Is Freight Broker Software?

Freight broker software, also known as freight management or truckload software, is a branch of a TMS (transportation management system) that helps automate and streamline freight brokerage operations.

Brokers looking to increase the efficiency of their business turn to freight management software to increase their proficiency, improve ROI, and ultimately grow their business.

A few of the common capabilities include real-time visibility, carrier sourcing, lane pricing, invoicing/accounting, load dispatching, and more.

Is Freight Broker Software Compatible With My Brokerage?

No matter the size of an organization, Descartes Aljex can provide value to operations with hundreds of employees all the way to small ‘mom and pop’ family owned brokerages.

For smaller brokers, signing up for Descartes Aljex will help level the playing field buy increasing your carrier network and the ability to create more relationships.

For larger brokers, your size and resources will only be amplified due to the automation and digitization of your operations.

Why Use Descartes Aljex?

Descartes Aljex is a scalable, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) for freight brokers and 3PLs, no matter their size or budget. Full-featured, versatile, and easy-to-use, our digital freight broker solution evaluates the best mode and least-cost scenario for open brokerage loads to deliver a premium user experience.

The benefits of using our freight management software:

  1. Expand carrier network
  2. Extend capabilities
  3. Automate manual tasks
  4. Increase load/shipment volume
  5. Lower costs and raise productivity
  6. Improve profit margins
  7. Highly Scalable

Capabilities of Descartes Aljex

End-to-end Visibility of Operations Manage brokerage loads with detailed insight and access data analyzing the performance of the business and its agents
Integrated Accounting All-in-one portal for invoicing and accounting to improve efficiency
Lane Pricing & Historical Rates 


Receive intel on market conditions and pricing to boost profit margins and increase user confidence
Secure, Cloud-based Hosting & Backups Always have access, reduce downtime, and maximize data protection
Simple Load Board Posting Easy-to-operate and improved spot market sourcing
Map-based Dispatch & Automated Load Tendering Increase efficiency and enable automation for order processing
Execute Freight Bill Audit & Payment Secure payment portal for quick and seamless transactions
Simplified Document Imaging & Management Manage and capture digital documentation with our easy-to-use document archive

TMS Integrations

Aljex knows the integration of systems and partners is essential for logistics and conducting business. Aljex is connected to all major load boards, EDI VANs, common carriers and 40 leading third-party programs. Our software also has connections to thousands of companies via EDI and API.

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Eliminate Check Calls with Real-Time Visibility

One of the biggest solutions requested of digital truckload software is to provide load tracking. Aljex implements real-time shipment tracking and visibility thanks to our integration with Descartes MacroPoint.

With MacroPoint, organizations are regularly informed on the location, status, and ETA for each of brokerage loads, all of which is easily accessible within the Aljex user portal.

Why does shipment visibility matter?

Automated tracking processes have been proven to increase profit margins by reducing check calls and penalties associated with brokers who lack shipment visibility. The result is greater efficiency with less overall cost.

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Capacity Sourcing & AI-based Freight Matching

Freight brokers face a common problem, sourcing capacity and matching carriers to ideal open loads in a tight and volatile freight market.

Descartes Aljex and their integration with MacroPoint automates the process by sourcing validated carriers at competitive rates, so brokers make higher profit margins with less effort.

Intelligently match loads to over 280k carriers and 1M+ lanes, based on several factors:

  • Best-Fit Ranking
  • Location
  • Lane History
  • Specialized Equipment (refrigerated, bulk, etc.)
  • Forecasted Capacity
  • Performance Metrics
  • Lane Score

Capacity matching with Aljex freight broker software will help improve overall operational efficiency, sourcing the right carrier for open loads at a 15x the rate than manual booking.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Descartes Aljex offers an easy to operate analytics dashboard of tools that helps automate daily tasks and provides full visibility throughout the transportation cycle. Gain actionable insights that result in improved freight broker capabilities:

  • Analytics, benchmarking & reporting
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Streamlined processes with fewer steps

Aljex accounting dashboard provides summaries and streamlined reports so users can quickly make informed decisions for their business.

End Result: Improved Execution & ROI

Descartes Aljex’ freight broker software improves planning and decision making by defining the most efficient transport options, given the importance of a user’s own parameters such as cost, lead-time, number of stops, and more. The TMS automates carrier rate acceptance, dispatching, and EDI.

Follow-up tasks like accounting, invoicing, and reporting have never been easier when everything is performed from inside one cohesive system. TMS users can reduce supply chain disruptions by automating communications and having real-time shipment visibility across multiple parties and modes of transportation.

Users make better lane pricing choices by accessing and comparing historical prices while managing documents through an organized system of document imaging and storage.

Access reporting tools and key indicators that help users measure performance and make strategic decisions to benefit their logistics businesses.

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