CASE STUDY - First Source Logistics

First Source Logistics

John Keene launched First Source Logistics in 2012 because he saw an opportunity. “Many logistics firms focus so much on sucking up market share that they’re not offering a service to their customers anymore,” said John, who knows from experience. He had worked for one of the world’s largest 3PLs.

So what does John’s company do for customers that other providers do not? “We call them back,” John replied.

Communication with customers is paramount at First Source Logistics located in Brooklet, Ga., just northwest of Savannah.  The company specializes in truckload brokerage “from the smallest mom and pop to the Fortune 100,” John said.

“We call the customer and tell them when a shipment is picked up. We call them and tell them when a shipment is delivered,” he said. “We communicate in really simple ways and really smart ways,” he explained. “If they don’t want phone calls, Aljex is awesome, integrating with EDI for example. And that’s one of the reasons that we love Aljex.”

John Keene started First Source Logistics on his own and was its only employee for 18 months before making his first hire. That’s when he went shopping for software.

“I found Aljex through a Google search. I was looking to get away from using a spreadsheet. I was bringing my first employee on and I felt my responsibility was to make it easier for that new employee than it was for me when I started,” John explained.

John looked at and considered virtually all the key players in broker software. “My first interaction with Aljex was with Michelle, who did a demo with me on the phone and online,” he recalled. “Within a week or so I made the decision to go with Aljex and we’ve been full steam ahead ever since,” John said. “The future is bright.”

Does that mean First Source Logistics is happy with Aljex? “Absolutely,” John said.