CASE STUDY - Giltner Inc.


Giltner Inc. is a successful truckload carrier. According to Chief Financial Officer Greg Paulson, Giltner’s fleet of 250 power units hauls “a lot of produce out of Southern California into 18 markets.” Much of the business is refrigerated and for years Giltner provided limited brokerage for customers.


Greg Paulson CFO at Giltner Inc.

The Challenge – But in 2010, Giltner faced a challenge. It was obvious that brokerage needed to play a greater role. However, they were faced with a problem. As their brokerage expanded, Giltner’s staff was hampered by the legacy computer system and software long used for trucking operations. It did not lend itself to brokerage.

“Our software at that time was cumbersome,” Greg said, “so we were Googling around to see what was out there.” That’s how they found Aljex, Greg recalled. “We watched demos and talked to Alex customers. The ease of implementation, the web based product. It really was not a huge risk for us to try it out,” Greg said. “And then we just fell in love with it.”

The Solution – Giltner implemented Aljex as it recruited agents. “We went from our first brokerage office in 2010, to now we have about 35 offices and more than 125 people in the system,” Greg said. “We never dreamed it would grow into what it has grown into.”

Now, according to Greg, Giltner does about $100 million a year in brokerage, roughly twice the fleet revenue.

Did Alex play a role in Giltner’s spectacular success?

“Yes.” Said Greg. “It was our entry into agent-based brokerage, adding new offices. Alex is so easy to learn, especially for new agents. We can have somebody up and running so fast,” he explained. “Some other systems that are easy just don’t have the horsepower. Yes, there’s powerful software out there. It’s just that nobody can figure out how to use it,” Greg said.

So how’s business in 2015?

“We’re doing so well I don’t have time to talk about it,” Greg said with a smile.