You can be the next Uber in brokerage

You can be the next Uber in brokerage

Not sure if you know this yet – after all, I just found out; but you can be the next Uber in the brokerage industry.

Imagine this: you walk into office in the morning and you just got paid on a load.  You didn’t enter it.  You didn’t cover it.  You sure as heck didn’t speak with the driver.  But because you have Aljex, you’re getting paid anyway.

It’s a beautiful scene.  I’m already imagining long walks on a beach in Aruba with a pretty girl named Charlize by my side (or a nice young man named Sven, whatever floats your boat).  And now, its reality.

With Aljex’s brokerage TMS, you already have all the tools available to you to automate the entire dispatch process.

Here’s how it all works: your customers enter their loads into your system through your customer portal (or EDI).   Your trusted carriers are able to accept these loads through your carrier portal.  Once accepted, the driver is automatically sent a rate confirmation.  At that point, the driver self-dispatches.  They mark the load as picked-up and delivered, and can even provide check-call updates –  automated or manual –  in-between.  After delivery, the driver uploads their paperwork and chooses their invoicing terms; AKA self-invoicing.

Beginning to end, Aljex has you covered.  All you have to do is watch the money come in.

Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge) of our new carrier portal with self-dispatch and self-invoicing for ya:

Notice how the driver can select from the ‘Actions’ in the far right column to mark a load as picked up, delivered, or to post a check call. You can require that they enter a date and time.



Displayed here is self-invoicing where the carrier is able to upload paperwork, select payment terms (that you determine) and request adjustments to payment.