Ransomware Virus Attacks on the Rise

Ransomware Virus Attacks on the Rise
In a recent global ransomware attack this May, over 200,000 computers were infected worldwide. It forced individuals to choose between losing their most precious data, or paying a deadline driven bitcoin fee that continues to increase. The theft included highly sensitive data such as personal photos, tax IDs, bank account numbers, patient information, and private login credentials. In the wake of this event, it may be a good time for logistics companies to reevaluate the best way to manage security on their own local servers, and possibly consider not managing it at all.
TMS virus attacks
The business of managing servers is becoming more complex and expensive every day. Worse yet, if you are hit by one of these blackmail viruses, you might never get your data back, even if you pay. There are lots of reasons that 3PL’s and carriers should consider a cloud solution, but security is moving into being the top reason.

If you are running windows servers, there are viruses that were designed (some by our government) to attack them. Even If you have anti-virus and keep on top of the security updates, you are at risk. Windows is an inherently insecure Operating system (OS) and there were dozens of new viruses that were just released by hackers to the public.At Aljex, we have Linux servers, an OS that was built with security in mind. They are much more secure. We also have off-site backups every 5 minutes of customer data.  We also monitor our system 24 hours a day.

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