Revenue Types added to the Invoice File

Revenue Types added to the Invoice File

You can now select Revenue Types from the Invoice File!

Revenue Types are great tools you can use to enhance your reporting capabilities.   Essentially, they are categories that you create, allowing you to report on those categories.  Once in place, each Revenue Type can also have their own logo for forms, address, rate confirmation and invoice text, and you can report on each one individually.

And now, thanks to our recent update, you have the convenience of selecting Revenue Type in the Invoice File.  Check out the screenshot below.

But wait, there’s more.  With Aljex’s new General Ledger, which is soon to be released, or a third party accounting integration like QuickBooks, you can use Revenue Types as a class – this allows you to run profit and loss statements on that particular slice of your business.

For more information on setting up revenue types, please view this document, or check out our training schedule and drop into our next ‘Reports and Flash Reports’ training class.

invoice rev type hi def

(Above) Screenshot #1: Selecting Revenue Types in the Invoice File