Receive Carrier Bids from Post.Bid.Ship. Directly in Aljex

Receive Carrier Bids from Post.Bid.Ship. Directly in Aljex

Aljex and Post.Bid.Ship. will jointly host a webinar on Wednesday, December 9 at 2:30pm Eastern Time to introduce the Aljex user community to its new Post.Bid.Ship. integration and Post.Bid.Ship. will discuss its promotional offer available exclusively to Aljex customers. Email [email protected] to register


Post.Bid.Ship., an online freight matching service exclusively dedicated to serving the commercial freight transportation industry, is now integrated with Aljex Software. Thanks to this new partnership between Aljex and Post.Bid.Ship., Aljex customers will now be able to receive real-time, competitive freight bids from Post.Bid.Ship.’s network of pre-qualified carriers without having to leave the convenience of their Aljex system.

As a result of the now-live integration, data flows seamlessly between Aljex and Post.Bid.Ship. Following a quick set-up process, Aljex customers with automatic load posting enabled will have their shipments posted directly to Post.Bid.Ship. where they will be matched with Post.Bid.Ship.’s network of pre-qualified carriers. Interested carriers submit their bids and Aljex customers access those bids in real-time through Aljex’s innovative “SmartSearch” feature. By going into the shipment and clicking “SmartSearch,” users of Aljex will be able to view bids received and details about the bidding carriers. All of this takes place without the Aljex user ever having to leave their Aljex system.

“Our goal at Post.Bid.Ship. is to provide Aljex customers a convenient means of accessing additional capacity, helping them drive productivity and profitability,” said Post.Bid.Ship. CEO Jarret Hamstreet. “Post.Bid.Ship. is not a broker, nor do we take a share of the shipment’s revenue.   What we are is an independent venue for shippers, brokers and third-party logistics providers to access real-time carrier bids from our network of more than 5,000 pre-qualified carriers representing over 400,000 trucks.”


To learn more about Post.Bid.Ship. and its Aljex integration, please contact Jarret Hamstreet at (480) 696-5586 or [email protected].