QuickPay has never been easier (and more lucrative)

QuickPay has never been easier (and more lucrative)

If you can offer QuickPay, you are at a competitive advantage in the daily scramble to find carriers.   Now, QuickPay is easier than ever.

There is a free update being released today to all Aljex users that makes it easier than ever to manage QuickPay for your carriers.  If you do not currently offer QuickPay, you can now with Aljex’s cash-management integrations with BAM and Triumph Bank.

As for today’s update, you can now select QuickPay options directly from the Inbound Document Portal (IDP).  This allows you to determine carrier payment options while you are processing paperwork.

This can work in 1 of 2 ways:

1.) If a carrier has QuickPay setup in their vendor file, pictured below, those terms will appear in the IDP in the QuickPay Terms field.











2.) If a carrier does not have QuickPay setup in their vendor file, the user can select QuickPay terms from their company default table, pictured below.










To see complete detail on QuickPay options being added to the IDP, please view this document, QuickPay in IDP.

Why should you offer QuickPay?   Because it can benefit both you and your carrier.
(1) Carriers can be paid more quickly than standard payment terms
(2) You the broker can make higher margins by paying the carrier at a discounted rate

You setup the QuickPay options that you offer.  For example: if your standard payment terms are 100% net 30 days, you can offer one day payment at a 5% discount.  If a carrier accepts, it’s a win-win.  On a $1,000 load, you’ve just added an extra $50 to your margin and the carrier is happier because they got paid in one day, rather than 30.

If you are not currently able to offer QuickPay, Aljex has the solution.  We’ve partnered with cash-management companies BAM Worldwide and Triumph Business Capital that will provide you the ability to offer unlimited QuickPay, all while still making increased margins like in the example above.  Best of all, they’re both seamlessly integrated with your Aljex TMS.  For more information, contact [email protected].