Aljex 2018 User Conference in Boulder – Registration Open!

Aljex 2018 User Conference in Boulder – Registration Open!

Aljex 2018 User Conference in Boulder, CO – Registration Open!

Aljex Software is holding it’s second user conference September 12-14, 2018, in Boulder, Colorado. This is a unique opportunity for Aljex users and admins to network with other Aljex clients,  learn about new features, and provide feedback.

After a successful meeting in Vail this year, it’s Aljex’s intention to continue it’s user conference to help drive the future of the platform. Participants will learn firsthand about long term Aljex strategies and what’s in the pipeline. Opportunities will be provided for key feedback to the Aljex team. Folks will be networking and collaborating with likeminded businesses inside the Aljex community, while also getting trained on Aljex software and it’s many helpful nuances.

This year, Aljex plans to have two tracks of presentations, one for management, and one for regular users.  Aljex will be offering “Aljex Certified” certification opportunities for participants. Executives are given the opportunity to learn from experts through thought leadership content, industry trend discussions, networking events, and updates about Aljex TMS. All aspects of the conference are geared toward strengthening the relationship with our users, and helping them operate their logistics businesses more efficiently, while reducing total transportation costs.

Boulder is a great place to be in September, participants can take advantage of world class hiking, restaurants, biking, golf, and shopping in the foothills of the Rockies.


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