Aljex Marks 20 Years in Transportation Software

Aljex Marks 20 Years in Transportation Software

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Aljex Marks 20 Years in Transportation Software

Launched First Internet-Hosted Broker Solution


Middlesex, N.J. — April 8, 2014 — Aljex Software is celebrating its first twenty years in the business of helping transportation companies move more freight in less time. CEO Tom Heine incorporated Aljex Software in April of 1995 and established corporate headquarters in Summit, N.J. Today, the firm is based in Middlesex, N.J.


Heine had been in the transportation business since 1980, when  civilian “logistics” was still called “traffic”. His brokerage evolved into a very early 3rd party logistics company offering freight brokerage, airfreight, intermodal, warehousing, drayage, and LTL consolidation among other services.


Heine launched Aljex Software to serve an industry he had mastered in concept and detail. Today, Aljex Software provides smart, intuitive software and business systems for freight brokers, carriers, 3PLs, rail inter-modal companies, airfreight forwarders, container draymen, and more. Current customers book more than $2.5 billion in annual freight business in the Aljex system.


“We began providing automation and efficiency as brokers for our shipper customers,” Heine said. “Now as software providers we are doing that for our broker customers.”


Heine first merged the arts of freight transportation and computer technology in the 1980s at his successful New Jersey 3PL. He discovered he had a knack for directing software development and learned to write code himself.


Working with Tandy PCs from Radio Shack at a time when memory cost $1,000 per megabyte (today a meg costs less than one-tenth of a cent), Heine and his programmers automated the functions of the well-run company. At the time $15,000 worth of programming could automate/eliminate $15,000 of the payroll, according to Heine, who said the same ratio still applies.


“In 1988, we were giving PCs to our shipper customers,” Heine recalled.  “We were providing computers to our clients so they could send shipments electronically and get back delivery info automatically.”  This was before the Internet, and several years before Fedex started a similar program.


Heine sold his brokerage in 1994, incorporated Aljex in 1995, and then invested a year honing the software for commercial use by other brokers.


“It’s one thing to create software that simply works,” he said. “It’s something else to write software that works well, smoothly, intuitively, and in a way that’s both efficient and satisfying.”


Heine cites the example of a video tape VCR. “You can record stuff on tape. You can watch it later. You can pause it. You can do a lot of the things that a DVR does. It works,” he said.


“The difference is that a DVR is much easier to use, so almost everyone who has one, uses it.  And that’s an interesting part of our business. Everybody’s software may do the same jobs, but not the same way.”


When it comes to software “you could have the DVR version,” Heine said, “or you could be working with a cumbersome VCR.”


Ahead of his time as a broker, Heine led Aljex to become the first to offer freight broker software over the Internet. “Interesting how that came about,” he said.


At one time in 2003, an Aljex customer’s server failed and was beyond repair. “To keep his brokerage going, we took a backup tape and loaded it on a server in our Summit (N.J.) office. The broker used it over the Internet while we ordered a new server.”


In a matter of days, the broker called. “Why am I buying a new server?”, he asked. “This is great. Why don’t I just pay you a monthly fee and you host it for me?”


That’s how Aljex came to provide efficient, affordable software freight brokers could use without the need for in-house IT.


Today Aljex software works over the Internet and is ready to use anywhere, anytime from any Web-connected computer. Data is always up to date, always protected, always backed up, and always available. In addition, hosted Aljex software provides profitable opportunities for innovative service, collaboration, and business development.


Aljex has come a long way in 20 years. On the Aljex site under the “literature” tab, you’ll find a document labeled “Aljex Has It! Cutting Edge from Day One” that lists Aljex innovations over the years.


The company has grown rapidly in recent years, and in 2014 opened a second office in the technology hub of Boulder, Colo., where an additional team of Aljex developers continually improves the basic software and does custom transportation programming for an expanding list of customers — from up-and-coming brokers to major corporate transportation operations.


“It’s hard to believe it has been 20 years already,” Heine said, “because in so many ways, Aljex is just getting started.”


About Aljex Software


Based in Middlesex, N.J and Boulder, Colorado., Aljex Software provides innovative, cloud-based software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Clients include freight brokers, rail intermodal, airfreight forwarders, container draymen, and logistics companies. Aljex has been perfecting smart, intuitive management solutions since 1995. For more information, visit


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