Aljex Introduces Capacity Hub

Aljex Introduces Capacity Hub
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Aljex Introduces Capacity Hub

Capacity Hub Enables Proactive Truck Search and Booking  


Middlesex, N.J. – January 19, 2015 —  Aljex Software has debuted Capacity Hub, an innovative new software tool to help brokers flourish in the current shortage of truck capacity. Aljex provides internet-based transportation management software for brokers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers.
Capacity Hub is a new Aljex feature that allows brokers to proactively search for trucks as well as to gauge spot availability in today’s tight markets. By directly seeking out capacity rather than simply posting loads and waiting for a response, brokers get a jump on needed equipment.


Using Capacity Hub in Aljex, a broker can access data provided by various carriers for available or soon-to-be available trucks. On the Capacity Hub page, the broker simply enters the origin point of a load. Capacity Hub then quickly displays available or soon-to-be available equipment in three different ways.


One display lists available trucks and includes the mileage between a individual truck and the pickup point. Another shows the trucks and the pickup point on a Google map.


The third display is in a bullseye graphic that breaks down the available trucks by miles from the pickup in an easy-to-grasp form that quickly conveys a sense of that geographic spot market.


See lots of available equipment within 50 miles of a pickup? Then a broker may be in a position to bargain.


See just one truck 150 miles away? Then a broker knows in this era of tight capacity that he or she should probably book it quickly before someone else does.


“By searching for equipment proactively rather than waiting for carrier responses, a broker can gain an edge over the competition by booking equipment before anyone else,” said Tom Heine, CEO of Aljex. “The capacity crunch has changed the broker landscape, the way things were done in the past. We’re providing Aljex customers with a way to deal with the new realities and to succeed.”


Carrier truck locations can come from fleets that regularly work with a broker or 3PL and provide data through Aljex. They can also be from major fleets that have established working relationships with Aljex — including a well-known private fleet with more than 10,000 power units across the country.


Bullseye photo caption:
Aljex Capacity Hub bullseye graphic displays the number of available or soon-to-be-available trucks in radius segments from the pickup location.


About Aljex Software


Based in Middlesex, N.J., and Boulder, Colo., Aljex Software provides innovative, cloud-based software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Clients include freight brokers, rail intermodal, airfreight forwarders, container draymen, and logistics companies. Aljex has been perfecting smart, intuitive management solutions since 1996. For more information, visit

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