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  • The new Aljex API (Application Programming Interface) allows companies to access up to the minute data for use in their own endeavors.  An API is a software-to-software interface, as opposed to a user interface, where applications talk to each other without any user knowledge or intervention. If you want to access data without going through the Aljex system interface, your […]

  • We’ve created a fast and easy way to share Aljex software features through a quick animated tour. This easy to understand demo is enhanced with animation, elegant music, and comprehensive voice-over naration. Please take a moment to watch our presentation and pass it along to industry related friends and colleagues who you feel might benefit from Aljex Software.


  • Every freight broker has concerns about emerging technologies. Freight and logistics always have depended on the human touch, but technology is getting smarter and many brokers wonder if their efforts will become unnecessary. Despite the many fears, embracing change actually may propel businesses into the next generation of freight brokerage. Many changes are coming down the highway, but a simple […]

  • Aljex made recent updates that automate Dispatch and Rate Confirmation processes. It now ensures FMSA compliance when assigning a carrier to a shipment once a user has chosen the option requiring FSMA-compliance. Once checked, the user can also designate the shipment for temperature control and add the necessary temperature values. Dispatch When a shipment has been set to require FSMA, it can only have a […]

  • After working diligently for months, Ace Heavy Haul safely and successfully transported two unique superloads from Oklahoma to an oil refinery in Southern California. A reactor head on a 19-axle trailer, and a VSS chamber on a dual-lane trailer began the multi-state journey to an oil refinery in California in July and successfully reached their destination late last week. The […]

  • Automating the Process for Freight Brokers One of the most practical ways to streamline operations today is by investing in quality software. Freight brokers spend a lot of time communicating with carriers in order to move loads. Whether it’s confirming rates, calling carriers, obtaining signatures, or updating critical information, these time consuming communications cost money because they require human intervention. […]