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  • Aljex Hosts First User Conference in Vail Colorado

    Aljex Hosts First User Conference in Vail, Colorado Boulder, CO --- August 22, 2017 --- Aljex Software, the leading TMS for freight brokers, hosted it's first annual User Conference in Vail Colorado last week. Aljex has about 5000 users, doing over $3 billion in annual sales using its TMS. The intent of the meeting was to create a ‘mastermind group’ […]

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  • Aljex Integrates with SaferWatch

    Aljex Software, the leading provider of web-based TMS for freight brokers, today announced the release of an integration with SaferWatch, an advanced motor carrier risk management service.

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  • Aljex News – Safersys Changes Carrier Profile Pages - On Saturday morning, the government website which we query for carrier data, made structural changes to their carrier profile pages.  This change is not allowing the MC # and Phone # to be imported.  We are investigating if there is a new method to scrape this data from safer.  We will provide updates on this page as […]

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  • Uber Freight Is Coming. What Does It Mean to the TIA Members?

    Published February 2017 in The Logistics Journal.

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  • Aljex App Facilitates Inbound Documents

      Published in Heavy Duty Trucking on February 2nd, 2017.  See the original article here.   Aljex Software   Aljex Software has released the Inbound Document Portal, a web-based application that facilitates the administration of receiving documents. Through a dedicated email address, inbound documents automatically appear in the IDP where they are identified by pro#. Using that pro#, all relevant […]

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  • Aljex creates new position, focus on innovation

    Published in the American Journal of Transportation on January 17th, 2017.  See the original article here.

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