New Features

Aljex phone number change – View our updated phone number (11/07/2018)

Quickbooks Integration Guide (09/29/2018)

Missed Appointment Notifications (07/09/2018)

My Carrier Packets Integration Documentation (06/29/2018)

Search All Active Shipments – New Dispatch Status (06/29/2018)

New Plus Minus Date Feature (06/26/2018)

California ARB Compliance (06/11/2018)

New Arrived Pickup/Arrived-Consignee – New Fields for Confirmations (6/04/2018)

Carrier Contract Addendum – Add Additional Contract Documents (5/25/2018)

Set Max Carrier Rate (5/23/2018)

Sort Filter Update (5/10/2018)

Logging Carrier Accessorials – (5/9/2018)

Printing Invoices From Vision – Option to exclude invoices via email (4/01/2918)

New ARC Process and Flow for Carriers! (3/20/2018)

Add Carrier with My Carrier Packets (3/16/2018)

Minimum Line Haul Charge Over Ride

Factor Portal V2 –  (3/01/2018)

Vision Factor File   –  (2/28/2018)

Vision Quick Pay Menu  – (2/28/2018)

Popup During Cover – (1/18/2018)

ACH Info in Vision (1/16/18)

Set Assigned Dispatcher from Carrier File as Dispatcher in Cover Process (1/5/18)

New Customer Defined Minimum Power Units (12/04/17)

New Release of Firefox Quantum 57 (11/20/17 Replacement (10/24/17)

MC Numbers To Become 9 Digits (10/09/17)

Smart Search to be RenamedWe’re renaming it “Carrier Match” (10/10/2017)

Alternative to Safer – We are exploring other options… (9/26/2017)

Safer Updated Status – Check out the latest updates (PDF)

New Home Landing Page
– The Aljex home page will shift to a simple landing page for speed and convenience, rather than loading all freight data upon login.

Enhancements to Bid Emails – Emails from bid entered by users or by carriers via the carrier portal have been expanded to provide users more information about the shipment, carrier and other bids.

Customize Required Fields in Dispatch – The Aljex Vision interface includes a feature to set the required fields on the Dispatch page.

New Notes Feature on Inbound Document Portal – The Notes tab provides a single place where IDP users are able to view, edit, and add notes.

Promiles Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

Reefer Breakdown Expiration Date – new data field & functionality

 Expanded Agent/Office Options for Load Postings – Options to post rates, comments and comments f  or vision spot shipments are available on the Agent/Office level.

Expanded Filtering for Active Shipments
– Some search fields can be used to input multiple values and the exclusion feature has been expanded as well.

Customer Detention Warning
– Email to customer if driver waiting over 2 hours.

Load ImportA new feature for customers who use the load import via a csv file and the Aljex Data Sync.

Expanded Aljex & SaaS Intergation – Two new features have recently been added for shipments originating in the LTL portal.

Drivers File FSMA Certification Date – If a shipment is marked FSMA and the Driver’s Certified Date is not before the ship date the driver will not be assigned.

IDP – Auto Filing – Emailed documents to the Inbound Document Portal, that have the Pro # as the subject of the email will have the Pro # populated in the IDP.

Even More Search Fields in the Customer File – Four more search options have been added

New Search Fields in the Customer File – You now have more options when searching for a customer.

More Quote Results Added – Seven new quote results have been added.

Add Event Management Contacts by User Name – Select your preferred contacts from the drop down menu

Exclude Shipment Type from the Customer Portal – Make only certain Shipment Types visible to your customers in their Customer Portal

Search Shipments by Region – When searching All Shipments, you can now search using origin and destination region.

Revenue Type Text Added To Rate Confirmation – Revenue Types now have two text screens in Classic.

Search Using Shipment Groups  Search all shipments by shipment group:  V, R, or F

Certificate Holder – There is a new field for Certificate Holder being added to the Carrier Compliance section of the Carrier File.

Last Shipment Location – The last location of a shipment can now be displayed as a check call on your home screen.