Descartes Aljex MyCarrier Packets Integration

An improved vetting system for carriers to verify profiles, sign contracts, complete forms, & more…

The Aljex TMS now fully integrates with MyCarrierPackets for carrier onboarding to simplify the vetting process.  Assure Assist’s MyCarrierPackets is a unique online integration where invited carriers are directed to a customized online packet webpage where they enter or verify their profile information, agree to contracts, and complete electronic W9/W8 forms. All parties, including the corporate office provided by the FMCSA, are notified once each carrier completes a packet for each customer.

When a new carrier gets set up in a freight brokerage system, the new relationship has potential to become a risk to the business, especially if they have not been fully vetted. MyCarrierPackets is a system that provides freight brokers with an extra layer of security. When a carrier is trying to accept a load for the first time, that carrier may have already had an identity theft situation with another MyCarrierPackets customer. If that incident has been reported to, the carrier is flagged before any work is initiated.



What People Are Saying:

“Assure Assist provides an extremely useful and efficient carrier onboarding tool, MyCarrierPackets! The program is very user friendly for not only our staff but also our carriers, MyCarrierPackets integrates well with SaferWatch Assure Service – their certificate of insurance, authority, and safety prequal and monitoring program. By utilizing this program, our efficiency in setting up qualified carriers has increased and we have the added benefit of looking and being more up to date! In addition to all of the benefits of the MyCarrierPackets products, we also greatly appreciate the personal attention and customized staff training we received when setting up our account and the continued day to day support we receive every time we call!”

Becky Micheaux, Operations Manager, Swan Transportation Services Ltd



“The automated carrier packet saves time, eliminates opportunities for human error and mitigates our risk when vetting and on-boarding carriers. In addition, the professional image the tools present and the ease of use for carriers to interact with makes us a more attractive company to do business with. Our days of dealing with the traditional carrier packet method are over!”

Doug Hazen at Amac Logistics



“MyCarrierPackets has significantly improved our in-house onboarding processes. It has made us much more efficient and cutting edge, and the rate is unmatched.”
Kari Dobrovolny, Vice President for Pioneer Transfer, LLC

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