Meet your fellow Aljexers: Gary, from Medallion

Meet your fellow Aljexers: Gary, from Medallion


Medallion Transport Holdings Inc (“Medallion”) is an Aljex-equipped, fleet-based transportation provider with over 40 offices and 300 trucks.  Medallion provides van, flatbed, refrigerated and over- medallion 1dimensional services.

Gary Weilheimer is the Founder/CEO of Medallion, which he started in 2009. Medallion’s operating subsidiaries include Medallion Transport & Logistics LLC, Medallion International LLC, Ace Heavy Haul LLC and NHH Servics LLC.  Before Medallion, Gary served as CFO/SVP for various transportation organizations.  He was a Certified Public Accountant when he entered the transportation industry in 1992.

Tell us about your background.

“When I entered the space not having any transportation background, I spent several months working on the dock and working with drivers to understand their life,” said Gary.  “I wanted to understand what my role would be from the financial side, but, at the same time, to be able to provide a better quality of life for the professional drivers.  And in order to do that, I felt I needed to live the life of a driver and understand what they were going through.

“In the end of the 90’s, I relocated to New Jersey to become the Chief Financial Officer and SVP of a $40 million transportation company.   Over the next 7 years, our team grew the business to $325 million.

“We have a somewhat similar setup at Medallion. We have an agent model with owner-operators and independent contractors.  It’s actually quite a diverse offering.   We offer more than just your standard flatbed and van.  Our fleet consists of van, flatbed, refrigerated, step-deck, and over-dimensional pieces of equipment.  We have some unbelievable pieces of equipment to satisfy some of the most unique freight, from step-deck to over-dimensional, 19-axle pieces of equipment.

“We are an asset-light logistics company using owner operators and agents/operation centers across the nation.  We also offer hospitality, international and LTL services.  Over the last year and a half, we have grown our heavy haul/over-dimensional operations.  Our growth has been amazing.”

How do you feel about technology in transportation?         

“Medallion is all about efficiency. The whole idea of technology is to gain efficiencies.  It’s information exchange, first and foremost, between shippers, brokers and carriers, to improve productivity at the dispatch level, with less interruption, and the ability to exchange information without having to stop what you are doing.

“We are entering a new frontier with the ELD mandate that will create new demands for all parties within the supply chain and also improve visibility during transit.  Businesses and consumers are expecting more timely shipment updates.  Our industry needs to embrace technology to meet this demand.”

I heard you do a lot of business with other Aljex clients.

“Yes, we do work with a lot of Aljex customers. We are starting to use Aljex-to-Aljex API’s to take advantage of the Aljex network. We love having the loads put right into our system and having the delivery information flow back to our clients automatically.

“Ultimately, for us as a carrier, we want to be able to do everything electronically and automatically. We invoice and transmit documents electronically, and want to get that to 100%. And that’s what technology should do for everybody.”

What is different about doing business with Medallion?

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“Medallion is a family-owned business that works off of five core values: safety, integrity, communication, accountability, and stability. Safety is first. That is the most important core value that we have at our company. And every decision we make has that at the forefront.”

How do you recruit and retain drivers?

“We don’t call people ‘truck drivers.’  We treat them as professionals with respect and appreciation.  We look to provide our professional drivers/independent contractors the platform to be successful and safe – to maintain the highest level of professionalism. Our goal is to know that the driver is paid timely and accurately. They shouldn’t need to worry about this because we want them focused on safety.

“We think we’ve got a really compelling story, starting out with zero in 2009, and we are continuing to set annual growth records. We were recognized by Grant Thornton as top 100 private company in North Carolina, but we’re doing it with the same humbleness. Our executives are accessible like anybody else. We’re all humble people. We work very smart. Our goal is to provide the best service, including improvements in efficiency, to all our customers, agents, drivers, and carriers to ensure that they are all satisfied with Medallion. I’m very proud of that. Very, very proud of that.”


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