NEW FEATURE!!! Inbound Document Portal

NEW FEATURE!!! Inbound Document Portal

Imagine your carriers’ documents and invoices automatically appearing in your Aljex system all on one screen. The Inbound Document Portal will streamline all of your back end processes by giving you access to load-related accounting function at your fingertips on one seamless interface.

The inbound document portal alleviates the process of trying to manipulate one big cluster of documents in your inbox which you can’t separate. Yes- these files can be broken into individual documents directly from the portal and stored in the appropriate public or private load record.


This is the default view of the Inbound Document Portal, displaying the next document ready to be processed (center-right). All load information automatically populates the screen on the viewers left as the system recognizes the pro# associated with this document.


Assign each document to its respective pro number. Then, from the same screen, release the load and update the purchase journal or customer invoice… have I piqued your interest? This will truly revolutionize your back end processes.


Displayed here is an invoice being viewed in the Inbound Document Portal. You can also add, delete, or edit any information on the customer’s invoice in this interface.

This feature is available to all customers now – no additional fee. The Scanning/Document imaging feature is required. If you wish to have this feature turned on please email [email protected]

We will be dedicating training classes to this exciting new feature in the month of September. Please keep an eye out for updates over the next few weeks.