End-of-Year Reporting

End-of-Year Reporting

As the holiday season approaches, that means that another season is near as well – reporting season.

Reporting is key to understanding business performance.  Proper reporting will help paint a picture of efficiencies and inefficiencies, allowing you to identify potential issues and solutions.  At Aljex, we strive to make reporting quick, easy, and comprehensive.   Below, we’ve laid out a variety of reporting options for you and your business.

Canned reports – Aljex Vision has a slew of pre-made reports that can be generated in seconds, many of which generate straight to Excel.  Select your desired report from the Reports menu, and enter in some selection criteria if you would like to make it more specific.  For example, input a date range to make a report specific to your 2016 fiscal year.

Activity reports have useful financial information

Activity reports have useful financial information like revenue and expense

Saving canned reports – If you find yourself running the same report over and over, try saving it instead.  To save a canned report, simply enter in your selection criteria, give it a name, then click ‘Save Selection’.  Next time you want to run that report, type in the “Selection Name” and your selection criteria will auto-populate.
save canned reports 2

3 steps to saving reports: 1) Enter in selection criteria. 2) Enter in selection name. 3) Click ‘Save Selection’.

Classic has some oldies but goodies in Excel reports section.  Go to Classic > Accounting > Reports Menu > Excel Reports > Enter Selection – Activity.  Here you can access reports like ‘Totals by Shipment Type’, and more.

Flash Report Designer 
– Aljex’s report designer allows you to customize reports like you can customize your home page.  Whatever information you need, in any order you can imagine.  The options are endless.  Come to our training class, ‘Reports and Flash Reports’ on November 28th at 2pm Eastern to learn more.   The Level 5 Pro package is required to enable this feature.

–  Aljex can also build custom reports for you.   Contact [email protected] with specifications and they will provide you a quote.  Reports can be customized to be automatically sent to specific employees or customers at the frequency you determine.

– There’s another option to assist you with your reporting needs – the Database Synchronization API.   This API will export your data from Aljex to an FTP site.  If you have a tech-savy employee, you can customize reports and project that information on a big screen TV in your office.  View this document for more information.Aljex Analytics –   Soon to be released, Aljex Analytics will provide instant, custom reporting in a quick, easy-to-understand, format. Keep an eye out to the blog for more updates soon.  For now, here is a screenshot:
analytics hi res