Changes to your Automated Notifications

Changes to your Automated Notifications


Please note, we will be changing the terminology of one of your automated e-mail notifications.   The notification with the subject, ‘Low Brokerage’, will now be ‘Low Margin’.

We are switching to Low Margin because it is more applicable to the wide range of Aljex customers who handle multiple modes of transportation.

In case you didn’t know, Low Margin e-mails will notify you when a shipment does not meet your company’s minimum profit threshold.  Also, did you know that we have about a dozen automated emails that will notify you in the case of other events, like when a carrier’s insurance expires?  They are all located in the Company Setup File.  Please join our training clases to learn more!

As always, you may contact [email protected] for general inquiries, or [email protected] for technical questions.