• Please Note our Change of Address

    By on November 29, 2016

    We are pleased to announce that our New Jersey office has relocated, and therefore our address has changed.  Please...

  • A/P in Vision is Ready!

    By on November 22, 2016

    The event of the year is upon us… the release of Accounts Payable in Vision! A/P in Vision enables your...

  • Safer is Down

    By on November 21, 2016

    Safersys, the U.S. Government information system, is currently inactive. Although some pages may be up at times, the website...

  • Dean Corbolotti on Electronic & Personal Relationships in Brokerage

    By on November 18, 2016

    Relationships are key to running a successful brokerage. Typically, that saying refers to personal relationships.   But Dean Corbolotti...

  • End-of-Year Reporting

    By on November 15, 2016

    As the holiday season approaches, that means that another season is near as well – reporting season. Reporting is key...

  • Vision Update

    By on November 9, 2016

    Aljex will be performing a Vision update this week.  In this update, new features have been released, speed has...

  • New Pickup & Delivery Notifications

    By on November 8, 2016

    New pickup and delivery notifications have arrived! Shipments can now be color coded so that you are always aware...

  • Triumph Webinar: Increase your Margins

    By on October 26, 2016

    Please join us for a webinar with Triumph Business Capital on Tuesday, November 1st at 2pm Eastern to learn...

  • Map View is coming to the Home Page

    By on October 18, 2016

    Map view is coming to the home page! It’s the best of both worlds.  The increased visibility of Map...

  • Join the Team

    By on October 14, 2016

    Here at Aljex, we’re constantly trying to come up with innovative ideas to keep you ahead of the pack.  We...