Brian K. White
73 Beechwood Road
Suite 3
Summit, NJ 07901
Daytime Phone:908-598-2800 ext 14

Unix Systems & Network Analyst

OBJECTIVE Persue a career in the development and application of unix-based solutions to current and future information management challenges.

TARGET JOB Desired Job Type: Employee
Desired Status: Full-Time
Salary: 65,000 USD Per Year
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my 'perfect' job:
Maintain and troubleshoot all aspects of unix systems, including:
  • Operating system chores
  • Software customization
  • Hardware maintenance
    • Server
    • Desktop
    • Network
  • Integration
  • misc problem solving and solution inventing

TARGET COMPANY CompanySize: No Preference
Category: No Preference
Description of my ideal company:
values self-motivation

US-VA US-VA-Northern

WORK STATUS US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

EXPERIENCE 8/1997 - 8/1999 Journey Computers Albany, NY
Service Technician
PC/descktop repair (house-calls and in-shop)
new hardware installation
old hardware troubleshooting
software configuration & installation
crash recovery - data
crash recovery - hardware

6/1997 - 8/2000 Albany Burner Control Albany, NY
IT/IS Support
All aspects of Unix server, serial terminal, and printer repair/installation/maintenance, software and hardware.

researched, purchased, installed, and customized complete replacement system for Y2K.
(Server hardware, Operating System, Application)

Ported all data from old application to new

troubleshooting and customization of BBx and filePro based wholesaling/POS/inventory/accounting applications

serial terminal and printer configuration

Windows-Unix networking

electrical and communications wiring install/repair. (AC, rs232, telephone, ethernet, arcnet)

3/2000 - Present Aljex Software Summit, NJ
Systems Analyst
Repair, Maintain, Upgrade & Install of Unix systems, Windows, & networks.

Developed and implemented various software & hardware integration solutions.

SCO Open Server, Linux, filePro, Aljex, VSI-FAX, FacetWin, Samba, HylaFAX, iBCS, DejaWin, PC-Miler, ProMiles.

basic web design, extensive shell scripting, SCO <-> Linux compatibility and porting, Windows <-> Unix integration, office LAN/WAN networking.

troubleshooting and customization of filePro based applications

SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
shell scripting Expert Currently used 5 years
wiring/cabling Expert Currently used 10 years
PC assembly/repair Expert Currently used 10 years
Drafting/CAD Beginner +4 years ago 2 years
filePro Intermediate Currently used 3 years
BBx Beginner 1 year ago 2 years
mechanical repair Expert Currently used 10 years
cooking Intermediate 5 years ago 6 years
customer service Expert Currently used 6 years
SCO Unix - OSR5 Intermediate Currently used 3 years
SCO Xenix Intermediate 1 year ago 3 years
Linux Expert Currently used 6 years

REFERENCES Brian Howe U.S. General Accounting Office Network Security Engineer/Auditor
Phone Number: 703-461-8352
Email Address:
Reference Type: Professional

Howie Wolowitz Aljex Software Inc. Consultant
Phone Number: 908-598-2800
Email Address:
Reference Type: Professional

Ken Weinman Albany Burner Control Owner/Officer
Phone Number: 518-459-8856
Email Address:
Reference Type: Professional