X icons
These are 64x64 and 48x48, 32color xpm icons for use in any X window manager. You can use Gimp to scale them to another size to match the rest of your desktop.


Syntax Definitions
These are some add-on syntax recognition definitions for languages not included with the standard XWPE distribution. To use, you download one or more files and append them to /usr/local/lib/xwpe/syntax_def.

QBASIC - Microsoft qbasic/quickbasic, requires xwpe 1.5.20a. See also: QB2C
BBX - Basis inc. Buisiness Basic (bbx progression/3 progression/4 PRO/5), requires xwpe 1.5.20a.

Other Miscelania
I am working on a script that can be placed in /usr/local/lib/xwpe that will be a kludge to allow xwpe to use non-gcc-like compilers for other languages. The one I'm working on now will allow you to use the "run" and "compile" buttons in xwpe on qbasic files, using qb2c!