A/P in Vision is Ready!

A/P in Vision is Ready!

The event of the year is upon us… the release of Accounts Payable in Vision!

A/P in Vision enables your AP clerk to handle both AP and customer billing in seconds.  In Classic, we called it bill/pay/scan.  In Vision, it enables the AP person to verify paperwork, pay carriers via check or ACH, bill customers, and upload documentation all in a matter of seconds.

“The new AP system is a more powerful, yet greatly simplified interface” said Tom Heine, Aljex CEO and founder.  “It provides an outstanding example of how smooth and easy the next generation of web-based software will be.”  

The flow is seamless and intuitive; the interface, beautiful and clean.  Never before has accounting been so quick, easy, and pleasant to deal with.

If it has not been already, your system will be updated any day now with the new AP module, automatically and for free.  Our Accounts Payable training class has been updated to reflect these changes, so drop in to the next class today!

Check out some screenshots:



Here is a view of your carrier payables in the expected status. You’ll see that you can quickly approve, decline, adjust, put on hold, take off hold, view a payment summary, view documentation, and much more all in one beautiful interface.



The flow is seamless. Moving across your tool bar from left to right, we move from expected to aging.  Here we can select how this carrier is to be paid.