Aljex SmartSearch Saves Time!

Aljex SmartSearch Saves Time!

Do you ever have an open load, but you’re not sure what carrier should cover it? That is the perfect time to use your SmartSearch option in the Aljex platform.  SmartSearch does most of the work for you, and it’s the fastest way to cover open loads.


best toms search tool for freight brokers

SmartSearch sorts through all of your historical data and reaches out to external load boards to make the best recommendations, based on your criteria. It pulls lane information, carrier profiles, and if you have an integration with DAT or, it will sort through those resources to provide the best options.  Aljex matches your history with 13 different geographic match criteria, and sorts them with the best matches on top.


Aljex SmartSearch is best TMS tool for freight brokers


The Aljex SmartSearch knows if you have a contracted rate with a particular company on a specific lane.  It can tell you what percentage of the time you typically choose a carrier for that lane. Aljex also provides carrier call-in matches which are those carriers who have told you about available equipment after going to your website, by calling you, or by another method. Any equipment marked as available in the system will remain there for the period you specify.  Aljex also matches carrier profiles to show you who has the right equipment for the job.
SmartSearch can be used to send out load offers and requests for bids. Carriers can simply click on a link that we send them, to accept a load offer and cover themselves on a load.  If we send out a load offer to a non-trusted carrier on the other hand, that carrier will need to call in if they want to accept it.