Aljex Launches New API For Customers and Partners

Aljex Launches New API For Customers and Partners

The new Aljex API (Application Programming Interface) allows companies to access up to the minute data for use in their own endeavors.  An API is a software-to-software interface, as opposed to a user interface, where applications talk to each other without any user knowledge or intervention. If you want to access data without going through the Aljex system interface, your development team can now get access to it.


How do API’s Work? For example, when you buy airline tickets online and enter your credit card information, the website uses an API to send secure information to a remote application to verify whether the information is correct. Once payment is confirmed, the remote application sends a response back to the airline ticket website saying it’s OK to issue the tickets. As a user, you only see the airline website interface, but behind the scenes, many applications are working together using APIs for a seamless user experience.

With the new Aljex API for example, if a brokerage firm needs to be able to find loads with a specific ship date in order to check their status, they’ll be able to access the Aljex data via the web with a standard API. Many transportation management systems simply provide data sync exports, which would ultimately provide something like a static csv file. The process can be cumbersome and far less accurate. The new Aljex API feature streamlines the process, so information is fast and more reliable.

The Aljex API provides a way for clients and 3rd parties to update their own records via API instead of EDI. Aljex customers have become the ultimate catalyst to completing this API project, because they had expressed this need on their own portal. This system provides up to the minute information to populate databases, access check call information, and to perform tracing tracking.

If you’re a current customer and you’re interested in getting access to Aljex API, contact sales to inquire about pricing for your specific needs.