Aljex Certification Program

Our goal is to help you become proficient with Aljex Software in the areas that you use. We have tools for everything from day to day dispatch operations, to billing, collecting, paying and reporting.  The Aljex Certification program gives you all the tools you need to be more efficient in your business practices.  You can learn the tricks and advanced options.  By following the training course syllabus, each user can achieve an Aljex Certified Certificate. Pick a subject,  get certified! Also, see the most current class schedule posted here…

Get Certified: 

When you are ready to take your test to become Aljex Certified, email sales and book your appointment!


Available Certifications:

  1. Accounts Receivable – Learn how to record payments from your customers and issue debits and credits. Highlights include A/R reports and balance due statements.
  2. Advanced AP – Learn about deductions and advances to carriers’ pay, the Carrier Self-Invoicing portal, setting up quick pay options, and many of our financial integrations.
  3. Accounts Payable – This class will review the new workflow to manage carrier payments. Learn how to audit carrier invoices, upload paperwork and review notes then place them in appropriate buckets for the next step.
  4. Auto-Rating for Lanes and Fuel – Automation is key! No need to remember contracted rates, just have them calculate automatically. This class will review automating line haul and accessorial rates, as well as fuel surcharges.
  5. Communication – Explore the different methods of communicating both internally and externally using Aljex. Highlights include incident management, event management, reminders and more.
  6. Company Setup – This class is for system administrators ONLY.  In depth review of the settings in your company setup file.  How to set important company notifications.
  7. Customer Invoicing – Highlights include invoicing reports, E-Billing, attaching documentation electronically, and corrected invoices.
  8. Dispatch 101 – The fundamental dispatch functions. How to create shipments, rate the shipment, assign a carrier, make status updates, and release the load.
  9. Dispatch – Part 2  – Become a master of operations. Highlights include multi pick/stop loads, rate confirmation options, repeating shipments, reminders, and home page options.
  10. Homepage Designer – Make the most out of the Aljex homepage by creating custom vision pages for yourself, or your entire organization. The home page designer tool allows you to create unique views to help stay organized and focus on the task at hand.
  11. Inbound Document Portal – Using the IDP, carriers’ documents and invoices will automatically appear in your Aljex system on one screen.  This tool streamlines your back-end processes by giving you access to documents and any load-related accounting functions in a seamless interface.
  12. Reporting – This class is for system administrators ONLY! Learn to take advantage of our robust reporting tools.
  13. SmartSearch/Carrier Match – Learn how carriers show up in smart search, request and record bids, send out load offers, and cover the load with the best possible carrier.
  14. Quotes and Spots  – Do you need to quote a lane for a customer or post a spot shipment to a load board? Learn ways to accomplish this as well as how your customer can accept the quotes online and through email. Highlights include Quotes, Spot Loads and Lane-Pricing feature.
  15. Track and Trace – Learn how to track and trace your active shipments and handle the exceptions. Automate your daily routine and create more transparent data for customers and carriers.
  16. Trucking – This class is for people with the TRUCKING module. Learn how to add a driver to a load, dispatch, check call, locate equipment and more.
  17. User File – This class is for system administrators ONLY. In depth review of the settings and permissions in the employee/user file.
  18. Working with Carriers – A review of tools to best obtain and utilize available equipment along with techniques to help maintain relationships with your carriers.  Highlights include carrier CRM, carrier portal and carrier file overview.
  19. Working with Customers – This class covers features which your sales team will use to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Highlights include the customer file, customer CRM and customer portal
  20. More – Aljex is always adding courses. We also offer specific trainings on topics like Flash Reports, Advanced search, Advanced dispatch, Comchecks, Spot loads, Ltl, Rating, Fsc setup, Basic admin, Commissions, Setup file, Personnel file, Logs, Mapview, and more. Let us know what you’re interested in.

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